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The revision reason is: "Lots of stuff out of date (bugs being fixed and/or content changed/removed), those things need to be removed."

These are the "little things you learned that can be game changing" collected from the threads on the forum which can found here (old OLD Forum), here (old forum) and here. If some info is not up to date, or is duplicated, feel free to remove them. Everyone is free to add their awesome stuff!

File:Hud-inventory.png Gameplay/Interface

  • An easy way to remember where all those maintenance tunnels and solar arrays are; Fore = north, aft = south, starboard = east and port = west.
  • You can click on the 'Chat' button at the bottom of the Dreamseeker window, and never have to type 'Say' again. BYOND's command-enter bar has auto-complete. Sui will auto-complete to Toggle-Suit-Sensors, sa will auto-complete to Say ". Type "id" or "pen", hit space and enter to remove said item from your PDA. This doesn't work if you have more than one ID on your person.
  • Control + arrow key makes you face that direction so long as you are not clicked into the chat bar. Alt + Click on a tile near you to open a list of its items in a tab. You can right-click on a tile to see what area it is assigned to. If you can't see it, then you're looking at an area you are not in. If you can see it, then you are in that area. Good for locating where shuttles will dock, or where a pod used to be.
  • Have throw active and you will automatically catch things. Dodgeballs are bugged and you can't catch them.
  • Some things that are normally static and dispense when clicked on (paperboxes, donut boxes) can be picked up by dragging to your character, which will put them in your active hand should it be empty (wonderful bonus for security officers needing to centralize their donut stock or arms-dealer cultists when they're mass-producing stun and teleport runes).
  • You can click the internals on/off status display thing to turn your internals off or on, without having to fiddle with the tank in your belt. Shit saved me once.
  • You can drag two things at once, as long as one of them can have the grab intent used on it. Ctrl+click one and grab intent the other. Very useful in Xenobiology where you're trying to drag a bunch of monkey or slime corpses at the same time. You can do something similar with non-grabbable things with telekinesis and Ctrl+clicking. Added: You can actually move 3 things with grabs-switch to the other hand. If this stops you from pulling, then it's only 2 things.
  • You can add items to boxes even if the box is already in your backpack, this works for other things like the bible and carved books. No need to fumble around with things in your hands.
  • :l, :r, and :i are some of the most important things to know how to use in the event of radio issues. :r and :l will attempt to speak into radios held in either your right or left hand, and :i can be used to speak into an intercom if you're adjacent to it. You can also use period or a # instead of colon for non general chat. No more accidents!
  • BYOND's stretch to fit distorts the view. Use 64x64.
  • You can Ctrl+F search any BYOND window (helps A LOT with PDA's and computer terminals).
  • In the job selection menu, from the lobby, you can use right click on the "Low/Medium/High" priority button to make it cycle backwards.
  • As a ghost click Observe to follow Nuke Disk during nuke ops. You can also observe the AI eye and follow the core. You can stop observing by using the Cancel Camera View verb. A good thing to do is teleport to the wizard's den and sit on top of the intercom there, then observe whoever/whatever you want. You'll hear all the radio chatter this way. Double click to teleport as ghost.
  • Right clicking the chat box brings up a menu. You can use that menu to get logs.

AI.gif AI

  • Law priority order is this:
    • ##?$-##: HACKED LAW ##!£//#
    • ##!£//#: Ion Storm Law ##?$-##
    • 0: Traitor/Malf/Onehuman-board Law
    • Law 1: First Law
    • Law 2: Second Law
    • Law 3: Third Law
    • Law 4: Freeform
    • Higher laws override all lower ones. Whether numbered or not, how they appear (in order) is the order of priority.
  • The AI actually can examine things near its core. The AI has to right-click to examine.
  • If you are carded with enabled wireless and in a backpack or something... You can't hear or use the normal radio, but you can still use holograms, Robotic Talk and PDA-Messages.
  • AI's can Ctrl+click APC's to toggle their breaker.
  • You can double-click on people to start tracking them.
  • You can disable the gibber by powering down the kitchen APC as an AI.
  • You can quickly look through the camera list by pressing the first letter of the location you want to look at. example: E goes to engineering, etc.
  • AI can take picture photos from what they're looking at; basically the camera. They can then print the photos from a photocopier or post it onto a newscaster.
  • Many AI's don't know that you can scrub out toxins by toggling it on from the air alarm.
  • AIs (and maybe borgs as well) can flicker lights by clicking them. Not as effective as spamming the Lights button on the APC of course, unless the room only has one light.
  • As AI, it is not your job to catch all the traitors. Unless you're set to paladin.

File:Malf AI.gif Malfunctioning AI

  • AIs can turn off the APC power or just equipment power. Now, this seems like such an obvious thing, but when an AI actually realizes that it can easily do this, a whole range of options for interacting with the world open up. For instance, the PC Special, as I call it; lockdown and depower the brig and cap's office when we really, really do actually need to be leaving. Chemistry or other high-risk areas, if a traitor busts in or something, can just be temporarily depowered. Etc, etc. Such a basic AI power and a lot of AIs and crew forget that you can do it.
  • When AI, tune one of your intercoms to 135.3 (command channel, speakers only) and one to something like 144.1 or 144.3 (speakers only) and then go around the station turning every intercom to that freq with mike on. You gain an instant spy network that allows you to see far more than you usually do. ADDED: Disable the intercom's speaker and enable the microphone.
  • As malfunctioning AI, Machine Overload is your single most potent ability and every instance you buy of it gives you another 2 uses of it. It lets you near-instantly destroy the devices that are most dangerous to you, such as the chem dispensers, the DNA modifiers and the robotics control console.
  • The AI can do everything an engineer with a multitool can do if it has camera view of the equipment, and much faster and more efficient. If a bomb or the Singularity destroyed only half the equipment, you can often reroute radio traffic through the devices that remain. As an extension of this, if you can spare the time as rogue AI, rather than switching off the Telecomms APC you can also kill the network links one by one, add filters to 0.1 and then switch all devices off. It'll take engineers forever to fix that.
  • For traitor / malf AI's using the plasma atmos spam technique, you can short circuit the lights via a nearby APC to create sparks to light plasma.
  • The best place to hide is the labour camp as AI just have a beacon there have your borg take your core to AI upload and teleport there before going delta and nobody will know any better.
    • Also another thing unbolted AI's can be put through the teleporter so que everyone easily sending the AI across the station using the teleporter as a means of fast travel.
  • A malf or traitor AI can hack borgs via the robotics control console and give them the emagged equipment.
  • Upgrading the cyborg recharge stations with better capacitors or power cell will increase the charging speed. Upgrading the manipulator will repair the cyborg! Convince the Scientists to do this as soon as possible if you are a rogue or malfuctioning AI. Self repair and fast charging for the borgs is critical for raising an army using the borging machine. It is also helpful for repairing the poor mining borgs that get trashed by the asteriod monsters.
  • Door crushing does quite some damage. Use it when you're malf or subverted, it also stuns people and you can kill them rather quickly.
    • Also, shutters and blast doors also crush.

File:APC2.gif Against a Malfunctioning AI

  • Cutting power to the powernet is the difference between a malf AI making every door a death trap or a laughable 6 damage stun.
  • There is an easier method to kill an AI than to thermite in: science should build an AI circuit board, cut cams all around arrivals, build it next to a wall comm, and put a brain in. Law 1 AI, other AI is killing humans, turn off the APC in the core while I distract the AI.
  • Cutting power by turning off the SMESes is no longer a good idea. The emitters run directly off the grid, so turning off SMES output will result in the singularity escaping in a short time. Instead what you should do is cut the power line between the SMES output and main grid.
  • If an AI shunts into an APC, the pinpointer will begin tracking it instead of the nuclear disk.
  • Complete deconstruction of a hacked APC will make a malfunctioning AI's victory timer go up, buying you some time.
  • Inteli-cards can be destroyed with the destructive analyser. This can be done whilst an AI is loaded on the card.

Generic borg.png Cyborg

  • As borg, you can open a locker by clicking on it with an item activated. You cannot close it though.
  • Emagged Engiborgs get an electrified arm, which stuns when you touch something with it. This stun works on other cyborgs. ....but you can already stun other cyborgs with your flash. The stuttering it produces, however, is hilarious. Try zapping the AI with it.
  • You use less power as a cyborg by having less active modules.
  • When you recharge, your flash, coil of wire and other items will be repaired/replenished. The same goes for things like metal and wires for Engiborgs. So basically any finite material a borg has can be replenished by recharging.
  • Engiborgs and Secborgs can survive being thrown into space: Engiborgs can RCD floors under them and Secborgs can walk on their taser shots and change direction (if you're quick enough, otherwise you're stopped in place usually).
  • Flashed borgs can still use the door UI, running at an Engiborg that’s put itself behind two doors isn't a good idea.
  • Borgs can trigger flashers by clicking on them. Handy for triggering the flash so you can pass by when a warden or someone sets them up poorly.
  • Engiborgs can no longer repair themselves, but two Engiborgs can repair each other.
  • Cyborgs can close doors extremely quickly by having something activated in one of your three slots. This closes it like you were a normal person with access who clicked it with their bare hands. Saves you opening up a window and then clicking 'Close door' and such. Also, shut the door behind you if you're entering somewhere important like EVA for christs sake.
  • Cyborgs use less power the less items the have in slots. Long trips around the station become much cheaper chargewise if you empty your slots first.
    • All borgs can unlock themselves in the borg tab. You require a human to re-lock you, though.
    • Engiborgs can crowbar themselves open and closed but they cannot weld themselves.
    • Engiborgs can act as healers if other borgs act as tanks.
    • The service borg's shaker does not work like a regular shaker anymore. It's a synthesizer now. This means it becomes substantially more complicated to mix incapacitating drinks for fighting anything.
    • There is a camera in each borg that lets anyone - with access to camera console - see what you see, as long as you are on the same Z-level (not sure about mining z-level). I am not sure if this works when you are destroyed.
    • For the love of god make sure that you have :b and not ;b on when talking about malf things.
  • 1, 2, and 3 as a cyborg (in shortcut) turns on and off the current module.
  • As a borg, and presumably as an alien larva as well (haven't tested this) you can remove buckles, cuffs, and so on simply by typing 'resist'. The fact a button isn't there doesn't mean the option isn't available.

If you type "Say *ping" your Borg will ping. works with *beep and *buzz

Generic barman.png Bartender

  • "OH GOD OH GOD EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE AND I'M THE BARTENDER, WHAT DO I DO" You make iced beers. So many of them. They cool you enough that you can counter a large portion of the heat damage.
  • We all know being the Barkeep can be a little boring some rounds. my favorite way to spice things up is to team up with the clown and make a clown shop, or to do a home improvement bar makeover type deal. people will be more interested an will come to drink the pain away more than usual.

File:Barman.png Traitor Bartender

  • Beepsky smash is much more potent then chloral, and can be used on xeno's (last time i checked) to completely halt their movement, allowing you to extinguish / laser them to death. It’s also easier to make, and less suspicious then you breaking into chemistry.
  • The shotgun can be sawed down to fit in a pack with a circular saw. Remember to unload it first, or you'll just shoot yourself in the face (what did you think would happen with hot sparks and a loaded gun?).
  • You can stun people effectively with a booze bottle (doesn't work with space beer) by using the harm-intent, aiming for their head and hitting. After this you can set them on fire.
  • The Bartender's damp rag can be used to smother people. Better yet, you can soak it with any chemical, and it will transfer it (5 units) into the guy you're smothering. Any chemical. Neurotoxin for twenty seconds of stun that you can't shake someone up from, Plasma for massive toxin damage, Carpotoxin for oldchloral, all three for ggnore.
  • Apparently you can slip a pill into any reagent and it'll "dissolve" putting all the contents of said pill into the reagent.

Generic botanist.png Hydroponics/Botanist

  • When attempting to increase the potency of a plant, consider making intermediate-stage seeds in case something goes horribly wrong.
  • Botany can make nitro grenades without ever having to step inside chemistry. Corn for corn oil. Nettle for sulfuric acid, and death nettle for poly acid. You'll need at least kitchen access though.
  • If you want to be a potato man: go to the hydroponics and say you want to be a plant, grow the podman with your blood, kill yourself come harvest time (DON’T SUICIDE, POD CHECKS THAT THE BODY IS CLONEABLE).
  • You can directly fertilize your trays with plants. Take what you harvest, or possibly any food (it works with donuts, for instance), click on a seed tray with it. Instant compost!
  • Use the biogenerator, feed it plants and shit and you can make all three types of fertilizer, very helpful when your vendors run out of robust harvest.
    • You can also make meat and milk with the biogenerator, as well as toolbelts, wallets, leather satchels, and botanist gloves.
  • You can do non-species mutations with only 2 units of uranium or radium. 5 units gets you a stronger mutation, but still non-species.
    • Remember you can boost a plant back to health long past its normal lifespan by providing lots of nutriment or healing drugs. Composting lots of grass into it is totally valid. Doesn't work once it's actually dead though.
  • Hatchets instakill kudzu, but scythes will violate them up the ass thanks to its 3x3 range. Goats eat any kudzu they walk over instantly.
  • Not that game changing but if you like building things, Poker tables are not just a mapping object, you can create them by using grass on wooden table parts.
  • Kudzu pods produce antitoxin when grinded.

File:Botanist.png Traitor Botanist

  • The botanist has three ridiculously deadly plants he can grow. Death berries, contain lexorin; I believe it takes 1-3 berries to kill someone; death nettle, which can be mutated for ridiculous knockdown and damage, and Destroying Angel. I need to do tests for the latter to see exactly what it does, I just know it fucking kills you.
  • If you buddy up with a traitor Chef, you can let him put various deadly plants in their food, making for a meal to die for.
  • The water mister is basically a beaker. However, unlike a beaker, it can hold an absolutely ridiculous amount of reagents, 500 units. Pretty sure that's enough to husk someone instantly if you fill it with poly.
  • Chemists with a plant tray, or botanists with a chemdispenser, can make kudzu:
    • Use sugar to raise the weed level to 6 or above.
    • Spam mutagen like mad. Theres a 1 in 10 chance your tray will mutate into a rare weed, either deathnettle, angel, kudzu or something else I forget. Reproduce it till you get 30-40 seeds and spam them everywhere.
  • How to Get 100 Potency Bananas And Terrify Everybody:
  1. Get mutagen AND A DROPPER. The dropper is the most important part. You only need one or two bottles.
  2. Plant the seed.
  3. Set the dropper to transfer 2 units of mutagen. Drop 2 units onto the plant. This removes all non-stat mutations -- no weed mutations, no pest mutations, and most importantly of all no killing your plant. You can also do 1 unit, but 2 units gets the job done faster (well, technically with more standard deviation, but normally faster.)
  4. Repeat until you have 100 potency and a good configuration of stats. Don't worry if potency drops to 0, it's random, just keep mutating. The stats you care most about are potency (obviously), yield (how many bananas you harvest -- you want something nonzero, but obviously more is better) and production (how long it takes before the bananas are ready to harvest -- lower is better.) The other two stats you care about are endurance and lifespan -- the higher is better, and generally they go up the more times you mutate.
  5. Harvest.
  • You can get kudzu by injecting atleast 5u of mutagen into an empty but weed infested plant tray. Pouring sugar into plant trays raises the weed and pest levels quickly! If you get lucky, you can get kudzu 5 minutes into the round. ADDED: You can mutate kudzu to get even deadlier versions of kudzu! Some of them eat oxygen, some eat plasma, some strangle people to death.
  • Ever since the botany update, botanists have become fear incarnate.
    • 100 potency death nettles are the single best melee weapon in the game in raw damage. It does 50 burn per hit (nearly twice as good as a esword)-- two good hits will crit anyone not wearing armor. Pair this with a vicious stun rate, and the fact that they can't be used against you if the person disarms you unless they have leather/insulated gloves, and you'd better be praying that the hippies weed isn't touched. ADDED: The best part about death nettles is that they disappear once they're used up, i.e. instantly self-destructing evidence.
    • Poppies have bicardine in them, and lots of it. Grow them and chomp down during fights for quick healing.
    • Green grapes (mutated grapes) grow something that fixes burn damage. Pretty sure it's kelotane.
    • Space tobacco grows dexalin. You have to dry out the leaves first, though.
    • Ambrosia deux contains a metric fuckton of good medicine, but also contains the only drug you can overdose on-- synapzine. Do not consume if at all possible, the synapzine will fuck you sideways with a spiky dildo.
    • A clever botanist can become a ghetto changeling with some preparation.
    • Keep whacking someone with the death nettle after they die and they'll get husked. Basically giving a hearty 'fuck you' to the geneticists, and likely making people assume there are lings.
    • If a plant's pest level is above 5 and the plant experiences a certain kind of reaction when injected with mutagen, babby spiderlings spawn. The crew will 99.99% of the time assume there are lings. Use this to your advantage. (Extra bonus points if paired with husks)
    • Ice chilis contain frost oil. It's the same stuff lings inject into people to freeze them, and has a 99.99% success rate, since only the most diehard of metagamers carry around coffee (the only real way to warm yourself up quickly) in the event of something like this. Put it on food to make a bunch of people really miserable.
    • High dosages of frost oil freeze the shit out of you, and you know what medicine works well in cold environments? Cryox and clonex. Get creative.
    • Death angels contain a very, VERY deadly poison. Shit fucks you sideways with toxin damage if you don't get to medbay. Combine with high dosage of frost oil and a hatchet for a very quick kill.
    • Blue tomatoes grow lube. Fuck bananas, give these to the clown.
    • On the topic of bananas, there are really only two kinds of note. Microbananas, that slip you only for a moment but are a bitch to see, and huge manbananas, which are conspicuous as fuck, but knock you on your ass for ages. Grow a little of both and stack their peels one with another to make the crew infinitely mad.
    • Soybeans can be mutated into koibeans, which contain carpotoxin, the main ingredient in zombie powder aka parapen juice. The other main ingredient is sleep toxin, which is in reishi, and copper, which requires chemistry (but no one will bitch at you for asking for copper.) If you can pull it off, have fun with that.
    • Bluespace tomatoes teleport shit you throw them at. Honk.
    • If botany is too lazy to grow poppies Metastation has some in the chapel.

Generic captain.png Command/Captain

  • As Captain, you should ALWAYS have the pinpointer on you. That's the item you use to locate the Nuclear Disk, the guarding of which is your entire job.
  • The Nuke Disk can fit in a wallet. Now the ops have to search yet another storage container on your person! Nuke Disk into a wallet, wallet into a box filled with wallets, box into secure briefcase filled with boxes, secure briefcase into vault!
  • Oh, and SWAT Helmets? Spaceworthy. They're very good armour, too. Not sure how they compare to the dermal armour patch but I know they're the best thing for the captain to wear.
  • Calling the shuttle while the station's in red alert will only take six minutes instead of ten. There's three minutes time to recall.
  • All heads have access to the ID console on the bridge. Use this if you need to demote someone or give them access to your department

Generic hop.png Head of Personnel

  • As the HoP remove your access to the ID machine and put it on a blank ID card, when you done with the ID machine ether put it in your box or just leave it in your locker. That way if someone takes your ID from you they can't use the ID machines unless they are very attentive, many traitors and griefers have found themselves screwed over from this.
  • I will sometimes split HoP access onto two or more ID's. It slows the HoP down a bit, but slows down their murderer even more as they do not know what is on each card.
  • You can heal Ian by applying bruise packs to him.

Generic cargo.png Cargo Tech

  • If you're riding a MULEbot, you can't get facehugged.
  • You can flip caps backward by right clicking them in hand or on your head. Don your trusty red cap, tell the captain to eat your shorts and rule the station as Bart Simpson.

File:Cargo.png Traitor Cargo Tech

  • Any lethal projectile will open a crate, from Detective's Revolver (lots) to Shotgun/TraitorRevolver/Mateba (two shells) to Emitter. If it's ranged and can kill you, it opens crates. Couple that with the aforementioned Bartender bit, and you've got mutual supply and demand - He wants a useful shotgun, you can provide, you want opened crates, he can provide.
  • Emitters can open locked crates.
  • Everyone notices emitters, everyone knows "OH CARGO HAS AN EMITTER BETTER GET 'EM" but if you just borrow the shotgun?
  • Crates can be trapped: Get a crate, put stuff in the crate, close the crate, apply cable coil, apply Electropack.
  • Packaging paper lets you wrap things like space suits and they'll fit in your bag.

Generic chaplain.png Chaplain

  • Chaplains can bless practically any water container by whacking them with their bibles, making holy water.
  • Holy water, aside from preventing wizards/wraiths jaunting, also have the advantage of being non-slip. So Chaplains should go around whacking the janitors bucket to prevent him being an asshole. to prevent him from being able to clean at all.
  • Blessing fire extinguishers as a chaplain makes you able to cover a huge area in holy water. Covered area can't be jaunted over by wizards and wraiths.
  • Bibles - bibles have a 60% chance to heal you and a 40% chance to give you 10 branes dumaig, unless... UNLESS YOU ARE WEARING A HELMET (or any child of clothing/head/helmet - so that includes Caps), which will protect you from the brain mushing effects of religion. The bible's effectiveness at healing seems to decrease the more you use it on someone. You'll find yourself beating a lot more and healing a lot less, and the healing subtracting less damage.
  • Bibles can't deconvert cultists (the only way to do that is feed them holy water), nor can they disrupt runes (that functionality was moved to the null rod), however the chaplin can whack the floor with his bible and it will reveal any hidden runes nearby.
  • Chaplain's hoodie can hold a big air tank in the suit storage.
  • Speaking of the chaplain's bible/whatever you make it upon spawning, it's a container, with space cash and beer. Either RP with the cash or dump it. Beer is beer. And you now have a book that can carry a surprising number of things hidden inside. I like to keep stuff inside related to chaplain duties - candles, holy water, lighter, bodybag (don't get blood all over the hallway just so you can cremate/massdrive someone you heathen.
  • Having a null rod on your person makes you unable to be converted to the cult. Found that out after I prepared the cold room for the bartender’s conversion in ministation. No way of telling they have the rod as well.
  • If you enter 'Homosexuality' as your chaplain religion, your bible will turn into GUYS GONE WILD! Other religions which give specific books and the stupid ones also give 100 brain damage: christianity, satanism, cthulu, islam, scientology, chaos, imperium, toolboxia, homosexuality, lol, wtf, gay, penis, ass, poo, badmin, shitmin, deadmin, cock, cocks.
  • Saying you're on a mission from god is the best excuse ever. It let's you get away with ANYTHING. "Sir listen, I know you won't believe me, but I heard a voice in my head, it said it was god and told me to blah blah blah"
  • Bibles can not only hold all tools, but they also fit in the suit storage for hoodies. Furthermore, you can drag-open them and take out things without having to take out the bible as well, making it essentially a suit storage toolbelt. Put a security belt in your belt slot to become the holy master of preparedness.
  • The chaplain is your best friend in a blob round. If his bible isn't dispensing brain damage then he can easily heal people out of crit and back to damn near full health with a couple good whacks.

Generic chef.png Chef

  • Another way of getting easy meat is Syntiflesh, by mixing Clonexadone with blood.
  • Cleavers fit in pockets. Kitchen knives fit in your apron's suit storage.
  • Don't waste Pun-Pun/monkeys by instantly tossing them on a spike! With your cleaver, a knife and some tools, you can easily perform ghetto surgery for that sweet sweet brain cake.
  • You can color eggs with crayons.
  • You can make colored burgers by cooking them normally with a crayon.

File:Chef.png Traitor Chef

  • A fair amount of food the chef cooks can cause you damage, for instance a full plate of enchiladas will kill you via burn damage. Nettle soup also does immense amounts of damage, (untested, but I saw this happen a number of times) it takes one sip to knock you down possibly to crit.
  • If you can get your hands on a slime, process it in to slime jam! If you trip somebody and feed it to them, they'll die instantly.
  • If you put a large amount of pure capascin (hot sauce) in Warm Ramen, it becomes hot enough to slowly kill people (or kill them quite quickly if they're wearing a rig).
  • You can stash stuff in foods like bread. Your traitor buddy gets arrested and you’re the chef? Slip an emag into your freshly baked bread, and send it to your buddy in perma, and hopefully, praying to god, they don’t just eat it themselves, or cut it. But yes, you can put anything but a knife in bread. Anything...

Generic clown.png Clown

  • The clown's mask can be used for internals.
  • If the clown's PDA cartridge has less than 5 charges (sendable viruses which make someone’s PDA honk every time they push a button) left, someone who isn't the clown can slip on it to restore 1 charge per slip. Have fun with that.
  • Eating the rainbow crayon completely is impossible. If you're a clown and starving you can just nibble on your crayon, for infinity.
  • HONK!
  • Building a H.O.N.K. mech, in 17 easy steps.
  1. Go Miner.
  2. Grab mesons from the closet and rush onto the mining shuttle.
  3. Grab a hardsuit and an O2 tank, but don't fill it up. You won't need to.
  4. Rush over to the HoP's office across the hall. With any luck, you'll have beaten the start-of-round access rush.
  5. (Optional) Ask/beg the HoP for robotics and R&D access. If they want to know why, say it's for mechs and drills. (This step is technically optional if R&D is being done properly and the Roboticists feel like making your mech for you, but I wouldn't trust them, though, as there's a good chance they'll just run off with your hard-earned HONK as soon as they're done)
  6. (Optional) Go into robotics/R&D and swipe a stack of metal for crafting into rods for use as a ghetto jetpack.
  7. Run over to the chapel. If the Chaplain is there, ask him to space you in a coffin. If he's not, smash the door with a extinguisher and space yourself in a closet.
  8. This is the iffy part of the guide. If the RNG has smiled in your favor, you'll have landed at the derelict. If so, proceed to the next step. If it hasn't, you'll have landed at the old telecoms satellite, or worse- mining. If this is the case, just repeat step 7 again until you arrive.
  9. Congratulations, you've arrived. Now, make your way over to the southeastern-most area of the derelict- the AI core- and space yourself straight down from the small glass arm on it. You'll arrive at a small asteroid with a ship embedded in it.
  10. Go into the ship and take your mining satchel out of your backpack (you are a miner, aren't you?) and collect all the bananium from the crates and floor.
  11. Now. Before you go, take a bike horn from the pocket of one of the clowns on the ground, along with a mask, pair of shoes, and, most importantly, an ID. Good, now you can leave.
  12. Go to the far left of the asteroid, and jump back up to the derelict. Next, proceed over to the far left of the derelict- the chapel- and space yourself straight down from the tip of the mass driver there. You'll arrive at the derelict teleporter, and be able to beam straight back to the station. Make sure you test-fire before going through it, though!
  13. Now that you're back with the materials, go back to mining and smelt the bananium.
  14. After that, check with your mining compatriots to see if they've brought any materials back to Science, with the most important one being uranium. If they have, skip the next two steps.
  15. If they haven't, and are being the lazy douchebags they normally are, go mine some for them. A single vein of uranium is plenty.
  16. Head to R&D and deconstruct two of the pieces of uranium you have, and sync the servers.
  17. Now, you've all-but gotten your mech! If you were lucky enough to not have the station implode upon itself in the two minutes you were gone, you can now insert the bananium into the robotics exosuit fabricator and make yourself a HONK mech. You did it!
  • Dye your clown shoes and slip them on someone, they still squeak.
  • The clowns flower is basically a small spraybottle. It can be emptied and can carry 10 units of fluids and shoots exactly 1 unit at a time. So you can ten very small shots, and it has impressive range. It can be loaded from the pepper spray wall units and actually shoots further than the spray bottles. Since it is one unit the stun does not last long, but it is good for a guaranteed disarm if they lack eye protection.
    • If somebody is chasing you and you havent emptied your flower of water yet, you can empty it on the floor for a slip that is less obvious than a peel is.
    • If you want to be a massive bastard as a clown (or botanist I guess), grab the water sprayer, fill it to full and then dump 500 units of water on a single tile in the hallway. It gets used up super quick when people slip on it, but it will last a really long time until people do come along. You could be less obvious about it with bluespace beakers though, since you dont need to switch your backpack.
  • How to Build a H.O.N.K. with Telescience by Timrod

Generic mime.png Mime

  • The Bottle of Nothing actually does something and will heal a mime when drunk. The healing rate is 1 burn and 1 brute damage every tick; that's better than Tricord!
  • The mime's wall blocks tasers. But it doesn't block lasers.
  • Mime's suspenders can hold all assortments of things, such as emergency tanks.
  • The mime’s mask can be used for internals.
  • The mime starts with a force 15 weapon in his inventory that also heals him (Bottle of Nothing, can be smashed for weapon).
  • When you use the mime's crayon on a paper, the text is invisible and you can only see it by selecting it.

Generic janitor.png Janitor

  • How to be a good janitor and not create a slipping hazard:
  1. Get ammonia from chemistry (very easy for them to mass-produce)
  2. Fill your mop bucket with 50 units
  3. Fill it the rest of the way with water.
  4. ???
  5. Slip-free solution!
  • Instead of refilling the Light Replacer with light tubes/bulbs, you can refill it by using glass sheets.
  • The bars of soap are the best cleaning implement on the station. They do not run out of ammo like spray bottles do. They do not have a delay before the cleaning is applied like mops do. They can get those hard to reach places (like that vomit under the surgery table) that cleaning grenades can't. You can run down a hallway and just spam clicks at the tile in front of you to clean an entire hall in under five seconds. And they can clean dirt now too, which they used to not be able to, which was their one drawback.
  • If (or when) your Janicart gets spaced, there is another one in maint above the chapel.

File:Janitor.png Traitor Janitor

  • It's fun to get the Janitor's box of mousetraps, activate them all, put them all in your backpack and then get arrested and searched. Screaming "THAT ONE WAS THE LAST ONE, I SWEAR!!" while crying from laughter, only to see them fall for it and activate another. A glorious sight. Works quite well with your normal greyshirt finding a sec backpack too - they can’t resist the urge. ADDED: Mouse traps in a bag don't hurt if you're wearing gloves.
  • Clicking a spray bottle while it's in your hand actually changes the pressure knob to use less of the content when sprayed.
  • Sprays can be sprayed up to 3 tiles away, cleaning 3 tiles at once, but only when firing at 5 units per spray.
  • Right-Clicking on a spray bottle gives you the option to empty it.
  • If you can convince Chemistry, you can put both space cleaner AND acid in a spray bottle resulting in a cleaner and a face melter.

Generic librarian.png Librarian

  • Librarian system is much more robust than most people think:
    • You can activate barcode scanner to switch modes.
    • You can use it to add printed books to your library's "inventory", then use the check in/check out computer to actually give people books for specified amount of time, like a real library would.
  • You can cut inventory slots in books with wirecutters.

Generic security.png Security/Security Officer

  • Hold handcuffs and click on a pair of orange shoes (standard prisoner issue). Result: Leg cuffs!
  • The riot gear gives you excellent protection against melee attacks at the cost of defense from bullets and lasers. The ablative armor is the same, except for lasers. The bulletproof armor is the same as the other two, but protects against bullets.
  • If you're wearing sunglasses/secHUD + a helmet/Warden's hat/HoS's hat OR a pair of earmuffs, flashbangs will only stun you for 5 seconds, otherwise you'll be down helpless for a full 20 seconds. This gives security 15 seconds (the same as a taser/stun baton) to slap the bracelets on the perp that’s too slippy to hit normally.
  • Police batons stun borgs.
  • If you're wearing sechud glasses and examine someone, you can change their wanted status by clicking on it in the description.
  • Any blunt item applied to the head (this includes bibles) can de-revolutionize someone if you ran out of implants. This doesn't prevent them from being re-revved, though, and it'll knock them out for quite some time.
  • Donuts heal security staff much more than the normal crew. Frosted donuts even more!
  • There is a recharging station near arrivals that you can access from the desk outside of the security checkpoint. Good if you are a traitor and need to give your weapons a bit of juice without suicide running into Brig.
  • You can move rechargers by wrenching them and dragging them behind you and wrenching them back down to work again.
  • Loyalty implants prevent someone from being rev'ed and deconvert revs. They also prevent someone from being culted but do not decult those tainted by the Dark Lord's power.
  • If you are cloned you lose your loyalty implant.
  • As a Security Officer, when you see someone set to arrest, friendly ask them to follow you to the brig first. You'd be surprised how often people cooperate even when they are criminals, and it saves you the hassle of SHITCURITY and HELP ME. You can always stunbuckle them if they refuse.
  • If you get stuck in maintenance, summon Officer Beepsky through your PDA to open the door for you.
  • You can retrieve the MMI from a beaten-to-death cyborg by welderbombing it, if you want it to fess up to who the potato is that subverted him and you don't have access to the robotics console.
  • You can replace the power cell of your stun baton. Meaning you can carry an extra power cell to get an instantly charged baton in a desperate moment. You can also upgrade your power cell to get even more beatings out of it!
  • Armor is a fucking lifesaver, even the base officer armor.
  • Examining shell casing tells you what kind of ammo it is. .38? Detective. .357? Traitor. 12mm? Nuke ops. ADDED: .357 and 12mm could also point to a wizard round. .38 for that matter, too.
  • Once you have a combat mech, the only two things that can stop you is high level antags (wiz / nuke ops / ninja), and toxins. If you disable toxins, you’re a god among men. And yes, a hulk is shit against a Gygax spamming ac 2 SMG fire as well as KO punching him at close range. And no, xenos are shit against a Gygax due to the KO punch then ac 2 SMG fire.
  • Gygax, set to harm intent: KO punch. And Gygax can overload in order to go at SANIC SPEED, so it can retreat at the cost of some damage.
  • Riot shields block anything. Even hugs.
  • EMP'ed stun batons only lose 10% charge, can be a life saver (not that you get EMP'ed often).
  • While using the security cameras console you can take a regular camera in your hand and take a picture of the image you are viewing through the console. You can finally get a picture of a suspect for your wanted papers.
  • Mesons can detect bombs.
  • Soap will keep you down for about 3-4 seconds. Peels for about 8 seconds. Water slips for about 12 s (might be miscount). Detective’s revolver for ~10 seconds. Egun stun is about 18-20 Seconds (again might be miscount). It takes about 4 seconds to cuff someone.
  • Giant Pussy? Unrobust? Security? Call Officer Beepsky to you, disable his patrol mode, then drag him around everywhere. Shift+click anyone who fucks with you and set them to arrest and Beepsky will ensure you never get robusted again.
  • Security Camera consoles can track borgs.
  • You can set Officer Beepsky to arrest people (except heads and security staff) who are holding weapons.
  • You can chain-open things by dragging containers in containers to your sprite. Can't actually take/put things, but it's slightly faster for checking suspect boxes.
  • Filling half of the pepper spray with wielding fuel and having a zippo in pocket is pretty flamy thing, it gives a lot of fun to aliens if they are horribly unrobust.
  • PRO SECURITY SEARCH TIP: Always check the Janitor's trash bag and the Chaplain’s bible.
  • You can "defuse" ticking syndicate bombs by blowing them up with smaller bombs. Minibombs are the best method to do this.
  • Disablers deal 34 holodamage, take three hits to do anything more than slowdown, and can be reflected. However, they paralyze hulks, so they can safely be dehulked, they knock out wizards, so they can't cast anything, and if someone has been knocked out by it, they are down for however long it takes for them to sleep off the holodamage, no shaking them back up. ADDED: Disablers are nice to have as a sidearm, or if you want to pass out guns. They get twenty shots.

Generic hos.png Head of Security/Warden

  • Don't give the prisoners shoes. I know it's cruel, but if they manage to escape they can't yaketysax nearly as fast without shoes.
  • Here is a very secure and working brig setup by Malkevin: Media:Dorfbrig2.png
  • If you label all the items in the armoury, and all items you distribute, you'll know exactly who fucked up and how when said items turn up in the backpack of the Clown.
  • The HoS has the access required to nab the spare crew monitor board from secure tech.
  • There is now a muzzle and a box of prisoner ID cards in the perma wing.
  • If you fill full NO2 tank and put in on a changeling (traitor) you can give them fate worse than death for time close to eternity.
  • Implants:
    • Chem Implants never get used. Fucking use them, ON YOUR OWN OFFICERS.
    • Each Chem implant can be filled up with 50units of chems.
    • I like to fill mine with Tricorder, Synaptizine, and Dexalin+. When an officer calls out for help over the radio, I can give him a remote injection of a healing, stun resistance and oxygen from my prison management console.
    • Tracking Implants are your friend. Implant the Captain and HoS at least so you can find their naked corpses in space or maint. I wish there was a way to order more of these.
    • Always implant suspected LINGs, this way if they change form you're wise to their bull-shit. (I didn't implant Sally Q. assistant, but oh look, they have a lil blue dot...)
    • You can use tracking implants to give completely private orders to individual officers even while telecomms is down.
  • Giving a parole + parole implant: Giving someone a lethal 50u Chloral implant to act as a killswitch in the event that it's reported that they are breaking the law. Fuck up, and the warden presses a button and you die.
  • Permabrig's electric razor is impractical; many people can be recognized on sight from their hairstyles and shaving them bald removes that
  • Space Law is only a suggestion. The only thing that is actively non-kosher is executions/perma for non-capital crimes. So 10-minute sentences from littering can be handed out like candy. But expect a lyncing + ban/jobban for being a shitlord if you do it too much.
  • You get a special icon on sec huds if you change your ID title to "Admiral".
  • People often forget that HoS has Cargo-access and if you need to get somewhere quick, go and make an RCD in the Autolathe and break a wall/door with it.

Generic detective.png Detective

  • If you want to check if a husk was drained or burned, try extracting blood from it with a syringe.
  • You can put an empty speedloader back into an autolathe to recieve a full refund of materials
  • You can use Meson Scanners to find hidden walls; they show hidden doors as open spaces when not in direct sight of them.
  • The detective's scanner can be used at range, to scan containers and such.
  • You can get a person's fingerprints by directly scanning them with a forensic scanner. In case somebody rigged the security records...or:
    • Got a husk in genetics? No ID on him? Use the scanner on the body to get the fingerprints and you know who that poor sod was.
  • For the love if space Jesus you are not an officer. You are the detective. If you must do the work of a Security officer, have the warden give you a tazer and get access from the HoP.

File:Doctor.png Medical System/Medbay/Medical Doctor

  • If you implant a guy with a flashlight, he can still use it as a flashlight, and even toggle it.
  • Bruise packs and ointments are not 5-use items, but 5-item stacks of 1-use items. Never give science a full stack of packs again.
  • Raw carrots heal eye damage.
  • Heres a little something to stop you being a wasteful mofo with medicine. Per 5 units:
    • Bicard heals 26 brute
    • Dylovene heals 26 toxic
    • Keloton heals 26 burn
    • Dermaline heals 39 burn
    • Tricordrazine heals 23 all
    • Doctor's Delight heals 46 all
  • You can use a health analyzer on a body to see the time of death.
  • Starkist is just cola with orange juice. Thus will metabolize a bit faster and can be used as a very poor man's dexalin to speed up CPR.
  • Cryo won't work on you if you have cold resistance. You still get knocked out though. This is something EVERYONE should know:
    • Insulating items like hardsuits, ins. gloves, gasmask, firesuits - they all slow down cryo or even stop it from working entirely.
    • You do not have to strip people to the bone, but please, for the love of god(s), dont throw engineers in a spacesuit into cryo for 10 minutes before you realize that SUITS DESIGNED TO PROTECT ONE FROM THE COLD OF SPACE actually, really, protect from the cold.
    • If the patient in question has cold resistance, you may want to try go old-school and actually apply some medicine yourself, lazy bum.
    • That is, of course, if there's only cryoxadone or clonexadone in the tubes, since those need cold body temperatures to work.
    • Also: just don't fill cryo with ONLY clonex. A mixture of cryox and clonex works faster because a) clonex requires an even lower temperature than cryox before it starts to work and b) given it's cold enough, they both work at the same time.
  • If you're a field doctor and chemistry are too busy making space lube to fuck each other up the arse you can ghetto make tricord using the medivend: A bottle each of inapprov and antitox will give you a full syringe and beaker.
  • Wearing ear muffs will heal ear damage.
  • Wearing a blind fold will heal eye damage.
  • You can clone people that have been turned into an alien, by extracting the alien's brain and shoving it into a human body.
  • You can attach a stethoscope to your uniform and it'll make you look like you know what you're doing.
  • You can drag&drop people onto the cryo tubes or the sleepers. This will also close the tube/sleeper right away.
    • Sleepers can now dispense medicine other than inapprov for patients in critical condition.
    • They still don't give anti-toxins though... yet mutagen/plasma poisoning is the most severe emergency, since the toxin damage will keep rising if the poison is still in the body.
    • If somebody has been injected with a lethal dose of mutagen, the best to way to heal is hyronalin or even better arithrazine: mutagen does not cause toxin damage, mutagen causes radiation and being irradiated causes toxin damage. Arithrazine kills any bit of radiation in a few seconds, stopping almost all toxin damage. Mutagen poisoning is easy to spot: the patient will 'collapse' rapidly.... don't be an idiot and dump him into cryo; he will not survive if he's still poisoned.
    • No competent chemist (i.e. no anti-rad medicine)? At least make him swallow an AT pill and then try cryo.
  • Upgraded sleepers can dispense anti toxins and tricord.
  • R&D almost always has some downtime between finishing mech research and getting Mining delivery. Bitch at them to upgrade the cloner, clone scanner and sleepers.
  • A fully upgraded cloner negates clone damage and retardation. It can also clone suicides and husks.
  • The sleepers in medbay will show any reagent in the patient’s body, not just the chemicals you can inject them with.
  • Anti-toxin will not only heal poison damage, it will also actively remove certain reagents like Sleep Toxin or Plasma from the body.
  • Showers (on cold) work just as well as cryo, as long as you have the drugs in your system.

MedicalDoctor.png Traitor Medical Doctor

  • The stethoscope can be used to break into the safe.
  • You can replace the cryos with acid, so instead of healing people will melt to death.
  • Syringe guns are one of the most underrated and lethal weapons on the station. A simple 15 unit lexorine or plasma syringe will kill unless the victim receives medical care. If you have more time, you can also create interesting poison mixes that crit in less than 10 seconds, or add something that stuns to the mix. Anyone with a thick suit will block syringes though.
  • You know those useless linen boxes in medbay and elsewhere? You can hide items in there.

Generic cmo.png Chief Medical Officer

  • Tips for the CMO:
    • Put inaprov or Dex plus in your hypo. The most dangerous thing on the station is idiots pushing you away from dying guys, thinking it's more important they can make out with their cold, dying lips than you inject them. Inject the wrong guy with the hypo and he will meta and scream CMO IS A CHANG, so just put inaprov/dex plus and use it for dying dudes.
    • Medical doctor and CMO players should try to learn a few basic chem recipes, the HoP will usually give you access.
    • Tricord: Set the output to ten and press: carbon, oxygen, sugar. Then scroll all the way down: silicon, potassium, nitrogen = 60 units of tricord
    • Then go beg the bartender for Lime Juice, Orange Juice, Tomato Juice, and Milk Cream, mix it with your tricord to make Doctors delight. You can mix the doctors delight 50 50 with tricord to make faster acting medicine, or just use Doctor's Delight for more potent medicine.
    • For Bicard (heals brute damage): Set it to ten and do: carbon, oxygen, sugar, then set the output to 30 and press carbon.
    • For Dermaline (heals burns): Set output to 20 then do: carbon, silicon, then set the output to 30 and do: oxygen, phosphorus. It'll have 10 kelo left over to just take that shit out.
    • Dex Plus (use it instead of inaprov, instantly heals all suffocation damage): put 5 or 10 (depends on if you're too lazy to find the dropper) of plasma in a beaker, switch the output to 30 and press oxygen twice, then press: carbon, iron. (Always re-bottle the plasma using the ChemMaster, as chemistry only gets 40 units) Congrats.
    • ADDED: I prefer a mixture of dex plus and doctor's delight. Unless the patient has been damaged while in crit, most of the damage below 0% health is due to oxygen loss. Dex plus effectively restores the patient to almost non-critical level, giving you plenty of time to get him to Medbay or use medicine - medicine like DD. Usually, after an injection with the hypo with DD and dex plus, the patient comes out of crit by himself. I havent used inapprovaline in ages (except in sleepers).
  • Consider moving your Crew Monitoring Console out of your office is the other doctors can use it.
    • You might remind the RD to get the Crew Monitoring Console board out of secure tech to use in telescience. (Useful for locating traitors teleporting them to you, then off into space somewhere)

Chemist.png Chemistry/Chemist

  • The effects of chloral don't work if you drink coffee beforehand. You'll still take damage if the dose was high enough but you don't get knocked out. Anti-toxin completely negates chloral, however.
  • The effects of different chemicals stack, meaning if you inject someone with a 50/50 kelo/derma they'll heal almost twice as fast, add a bit of tricord to other chemicals and it’s no longer as useless.
  • Stimulants will wake you up from an overdose of chloral.
  • The Science Goggles in chemistry act as beakers.
  • If you are planning to make a medicine that has tricord and doc's delight, if you use the DD made by the bartender, proportions will fuck up. If you drop 10 tricord and 10 DD you get 13 tricord and 7 DD. Instead, if you use the DD you get from grinding Syndicakes, proportion will remain. You drop 10 and 10, you get 10 and 10.
  • Also, 1 pill with 10 Derma, 10 Tricord, 10 Bicard, 10 Dex+ and 10 DD will keep you alive in a raging fire or in space for a good amount of time (10 seconds completely unharmed).
  • Ryetalyn-loaded syringe guns, use them to instantly shut down hulks.
  • Don't waste your Dexalin Plus, just do 1u of Dex Plus and whatever amount of Inaprov. It's the same effect as just Dexalin Plus.
  • If you're going to be in chemistry and have five minutes, I find it's often easiest to just create a couple of 10/10/10/10/5/5 tri/dex+/bic/derm/antitox/hyperzine pills. Sure it's a bit more effort, but they'll work in nearly all situations, and are great at popping people out of crit, and getting them moving again. For a more combat based one, you can always scale down on the antitox and put in synaptizine too. If you can get DD, you can put that in 10 of that instead of the hyperzine and 5 of the dex+. Only issue is that they are a bit of effort to make and that people will never actually use them unless you falsely label them as tricordrazine pills or whatever.
  • You can grind up the Dexalinpills for an easy thirty units to fix up more cryoxadone without using plasma. Just snag a blue first aid kit out of an oxygen closet.
  • Most people know that you can insert a beaker of chemicals into medical robots, but this doesn't seem to be used much. Try getting creative with it - dangerous chemical combinations, such as chloral hydrate, impedrezine and lexorin can turn a medical robot toggled back on at the right time into a somewhat subtle, hard-to-stop-without-access death dealer, whereas those of you with a heart may want to put in an improved mixture of healing chemicals, such as bicard-tricord-derma-antitox-dexalin plus.
  • Make ryet/bicard/dermaline mix, load Medibot with mix, set to 5 damage inject threshold, 5 units. Geneticist finally gets hulk. Steps out to go on a rampage. "Hey you! You're injured" He loses hulk. Good against hulk but bad when you need to spacewalk and their kindness is going to remove this ability from you.
  • 1u pills of vaccines work. More than one virus released? Mix two vaccinations together and make the 1u pills. cure 30 people with one batch.
    • You can stretch that even further by just dilluting the vaccines. Inject 5 units into an empty beaker and top it off with water, you now have 10 injections with 0.5 units of vaccine each that still cure perfectly well. Unfortunately, dilluting it again to achieve 0.05 unit injections is not enough to cure anymore, or at least it wasn't when I last tried.
    • Similarly, you can dillute the virion cultures you have, and end up with 0.5 unit injections of infected blood that still guarantee infection. Injecting this into a glass of water causes it to remain a glass of water, only dangerous, which you can then feed to people to easily infect them after they slip for a second or so. Strangely enough the added dillution for this case doesn't seem to affect the infection chance.
    • In contrary to this: you can't dillute virus food / mutagen / plasma / synaptizine to stretch their usage. It's hardcoded to require 5 units for a reaction, so you gotta bug the chemist a bit more.
  • A quick way to make clonex and dex plus in one swoop is:
  1. Grind a dexalin pill, giving 30 dexalin
  2. Add 10 carbon and iron, 20 water and oxygen
  3. Make dex plus bottle and one cryoxadone bottle, keep 30 cryoxadone in the beaker
  4. Add 30 sodium
  5. Put the beaker into the grinder, add plasma, and grind
  6. Results in: a bottle of dex plus and cryoxadone, 2 bottles of clonexadone.
  7. Takes about a minute and I always found it a hassle to mix clonex (put plasma in, plasma out, plasma in, plasma out...)
  • Medbay sabotaged? Need to save those patients but no cryo tubes? Inject them with cryox/cloneox and stick them under a wrenched shower. It will actually cool them off enough for the meds to work.
  • Also, 10u mixtures of cryox/cloneox/bicarid/derma/DD is robust as fuck in the tubes.
  • Desperate for precious plasma? Miners absent, slimes dead, chemistry being stingy? Take apart an r-wall and grind it! Not like the gateway room is using those things, anyway. Two sheets of plasteel are worth forty liquid units.
  • Spessmen process reagents (like drugs) 0.4 units per tick, with different chems being processed in parallel.
    • The chemical reagent cap is 1000. Tricordizine 500 and synaptizine 500 in your system at start of round (TRICORD FIRST) and you’re a walking ling. Take them in pills, in 5 minutes you can get both of them if you use both chem dispensers. By default, chemicals will be consumed at 0.4 units EACH per tick. So the above example of synaptizine + tricord is 500 / 0.4 * 1.8, giving 2,250 seconds, or 37.5 minutes.
  • ChemMasters, and the chef's condiment thing, work on Star-Kist and other drinks. Also glasses and bottles.
  • Chemists have what may be the easiest access to space in the game: Make large amounts of Lepo-razine - Copper, Silicon and a 5u plasma catalyst. Then make a bunch of doctor's delight (it's easy to get ingredients from the bartender, they're usually more than happy to trade for some tricord). You can find the red spacesuit pretty quickly on the derelict or mining station too.
  • You can navigate space without a suit or internals. Just pack a ton of dexalin+, leporazine, and DD in several pills.
  • TheRedScare's Guide to Becoming a Master Chemist
  • Pill bottles work like mining satchels and plant bags. So you can just click a pile of pills and they will all go in. ADDED: More pill bottle stuff: you can insert it directly into the chem dispenser to use it from there.
  • You can inject cigarettes/cigars with 15u of chemicals to provide a steady dose while it's lit. A cigar will hold more, 30u IIRC. A cigar full of Synaptizine and Bicard or tricord makes for a pretty robust dude.
  • You can inject 15 units of welder fuel into a cigarette (or dip the cig in it) and it will explode once you light it, playing the explosion sound and everything (it doesn't hurt you or anything). Hilarious when you start blowing up a whole packet and people can't understand what the hell is going. Lighting a cigarette with only 5 or 10 units in it will only produce sparks.
  • Inject your cigarette with space drugs. Smoke the reefer.
  • Chemist labcoats can hold large beakers.
  • A bluespace beaker water-potassium grenade will hit bombcap, detonates instantly instead of waiting for atmospherics processing, can't be disarmed, and is incredibly easy to hide.
  • Note that as a result of human reagent cap being 1000, drinking tons and tons of water, say from a botany water backpack, will make you immune to parapets and syringe guns. You have to constantly keep drinking to be "immune" from them, though. And gotta chug at least 15 units of water every single minute to stay hydrated.
  1. Be Chemist
  2. Make a SHIT ton of dexalin. Eat a SHIT ton of your pills. Make more pills.
  3. Now suicide.
  4. Your a walking zombie. If the dexalin runs out, you start to die FAST.
  5. My favorite thing to do, is to become a dexalin zombie and then lie down somewhere in the hallway and when people try to loot you, jump and yell "BOO".

File:Chemist action.png Traitor Chemist

  • A mixture that's four times as lethal as Cyanide:
Five units of the following in one pill (damage of each roughly):
  • Plasma (~40 toxin damage)
  • Sulphuric acid (~13 toxin damage, ~5 brute damage)
  • Polytrinic acid (~26 toxin damage, ~10 brute damage)
  • Chlorine (~15 brute damage)
  • Thermite (~15 burn damage)
  • Lexorin (~40 oxygen damage, 5~ brute damage)
  • Plant-B-Gone (~15 toxin damage)
  • Welding fuel (~15 toxin damage)
  • Toxin (~19 toxin damage)
  • Arithrazine (~3 brute damage)
  • Beepsky Smash inside of a Hypospray or syringe gun is very powerful. Beepsky Smash paralyzes when you hit someone. You can get bar access pretty easily as chemist/CMO by telling the HoP you want doctors delight ingredients. Beepsky Smash knocks the victim down again if someone tries to shake them back up. 5 units in an eyedropper lasts about as long as the ole parasting did, and it's even better in a syringe gun where one shot means they can't move. A 50 unit pill of Beepsky Smash is something to be terrified of.
  • A polyacid/sulphuric acid mix shot from a spray bottle does not do any more damage than just straight polyacid. Likewise, a 5 unit spritz hurts just as much as a 10 unit spritz.
  • If you inject chemicals into someone and gib them, their meat will inherit a portion of that chemical. Parapen someone, grind them into meat, grind that meat with your grinder, make a condiment bottle of zombie powder, squirt that into people's eyes with an eyedropper..... Always remember to recycle, folks.
  • 15u of Plasma is a lethal dose. Meaning a single syringe gunshot and the target will die without anti-tox treatment. You'll be dead within 30 seconds with 15u of plasma.
  • If you buddy up with a botanist and make them tons of mutagen, they can get you koibeans, which contain carpotoxin. this lets you make zombie powder, which is literally parapen juice.
  • Mix a grenade using one bottle with 20 Polytrinic Acid and 10 Potassium and the other bottle with 10 Phosphorous and 10 Sugar to make a polyacid smoke grenade which makes acid melt anyone nearby. Staying in the smoke the entire time knocks anyone inside to critical.
  • Poly Acid will melt shit down. Remove all evidence.
  • You're able to fill eggs with chemicals and throw it at people and apply the chemicals effect to them. It is much more effective then a syringe since you can fill an egg with 48u, you don't carry a weapon that could warn your enemy and it looks so harmless and innocent.
  • Plasma smoke reactions are stupidly robust.
    • Even 5 units are enough to flood a much larger area than what you get when you release a plasma canister in the hallways. Better yet, the plasma is so damn cold that it will keep expanding by cooling down the air nearby. Even internals won't protect you as it's so cold that you'll die from it.
    • It's so good, releasing a single grenade in the huge metastation escape shuttle is enough to kill everyone inside without a firesuit. Actually, sometimes you even die with a firesuit if you put enough plasma in the grenade. And that is without even igniting it, purely from the freezing cold gas.
  • Sprayed poly acid melts bullets.

Generic virologist.png Virology/Virologist

  • Virology can turn you into just as much as a superhuman as Genetics.
  • Coughing as a symptom makes people drop grabs and can thus be used to make changelings miserable as they keep dropping absorbs.
  • A perfectly made virus blend from virology can heal you at a slow, but decent rate, even out of critical condition. A person can only be infected by three viruses at a time, I believe. A virus blend that has three instances of the following symptoms will heal you from crit (assuming there is no other source of damage present), protect you from suffocation, and allow you to run at max speed even if you have a bulky exosuit with active magboots. Toxic Filter, Toxic Compensation, Self-Respiration, and Stimulant. Add Weight Even to one of the strains to grant hunger immunity, and something else such as Eternal Youth to give yourself a third unique strain. Matching symptoms in different virus strains will stack with each other.
    • Viruses with different, unique symptoms can be mixed together in a beaker to produce a strain with some or all of the symptoms of component strains.
  • If you actually do manage to make a beneficial virus and want to distribute it, have a superior vet it and ask them to announce it to the station via their desk.
  • Iif you get denied a crate (probably more than half your rounds), ask Engineering for a share of their plasma ask the HoP for mining access so you can get your own plasma. (This is the only reliable way you are going to get plasma!) mix enough times and you can discover liver enhancer by yourself!
    • If you get a virus with unwanted symptoms, use your dropper set to transfer one unit of synaptizine to your virus. Your 30 unit bottle will be good for a full 30 uses! So many problems would be solved if plasma were the same...
  • If you are a virologist who wants the most from a beneficial virus, but cannot fit all the desired symptoms into one strain, consider removing "Weight Even" from your symptoms if you already included stimulant. All that hunger does is reduce a person's speed; Stimulant totally negates all slowdowns, and thus this renders Weight Even redundant.

File:Virologist.png Traitor Virologist

  • Spreading an infectious and deadly disease, while extremely effective, should be a last resort, because it causes everyone to scream over the radio LYNCH THE VIRO! Unless you aren't viro, which is great.

Geneticist.png Genetics/Geneticist

  • If the cloning process changed your looks, you can stuff your old (dead) body in a DNA modi-fier, scan the UI/UE, and inject those into yourself to get your old looks back. It's probably a good idea to delete the record after that or the geneticists start turning everyone into you.
  • If someone has a cavity implanted item, you can instantly remove it by monkeying them.
  • Clones start with 190 clone loss and 99 brain damage, they can be ejected with a geneticists ID at 120 clone loss (about 40% complete). The cloner takes about 2:30 minutes to pop out an, almost, complete clone. Ejecting at 40% then sticking in a cryotube with '*Urist's healing tincture*' speeds up the process by only a few seconds, but does mean you can clone multiple people at once. Force ejecting by either turning off APC power or emagging the clone tube then shoving them in the cryo tubes does finish them almost twice as fast AND means you can clone 3 people at the same time.
  • If you have access to genetics, change your identity if you're caught being a shitler. Keeps people off of you.
  • Monkeying someone who is impregnated will cure them.
  • The Genetics DNA altering console can spit out injectors for UEs and UIs as well as SEs. This means that, if you get a willing volunteer or even just human a monkey, you can run around the station changing everyone into the same person (if you do this without being antag or having people’s con-sent, you will get banned).
  • You can put disks into the cloning computer to save the UI, UE and SE of people scanned with it.
  • Vodka heals radiation damage.
  • Genetical powers have a chance to manifest everytime your SE changes. Most people inject themselves with injectors over and over to get the powers they want, but there's a trick to this: You can put a person in a scanner, set the lenght and power of the radiation beams to 1/1 and keep blasting some unrelated blocks. This means you get a SE change every second and almost no radiation. However, the low duration means it has a good chance to cause random disabilities. Just make sure you have a clean power SE saved in the buffer and pay attention to the block values. Even with the chance for disabilities, it's a LOT faster and safer than using injectors or copying the SE to the occucant using the buffers.
    • Use a 'safe' block for the 1/1 bursts (something at or around 333-4bb on both adjacent blocks plus the block you're hitting) and you'll have to reset the SE for disabilities infrequently if ever.
  • Turning off the APC's equipment power also ejects a clone regardless of health. Good for speedcloning. Clone one to 25%, throw in cryo, clone another to 25%, throw in cryo, clone one guy until the first guy in cryo is done, repeat.
    • You can also swipe a genetics ID on the cloning pod to unlock it and eject them via right clicking (I'm pretty sure it was right clicking to eject).
  • Radiation (and thus radstorms and mutagen) has a very, VERY small chance to give non-negative effects. One of the "Gotta go fast" schools of genetics is to hit a monkeyperson with a load of mutagen and get most of the disability blocks in five minutes.
  • It can be empirically shown that, for an unupgraded machine, a pulse duration of 4 seconds is the most efficient trade-off of time and success rate.

Geneticist.png Traitor Geneticist

  • Monkey SE's are a hell of a weapon.
  • TK is still very OP. With Xray it's nigh-unstoppable if used correctly. You can:
    • Bash people with items. If they pick the item up you can still hit them with it.
    • Steal ID's out of computers
    • Steal guns out of charging stations
    • Steal items across desks
    • Kill people through cameras
    • Operate basic machinery (unfortunately you can't use the chemmaster but you can put things into it)
    • Be an all around douchebag
    • And if you have x-ray you're even more unstoppable than before. You can hide in lockers in maint and dick around all you want.:ADDED: If you use TK on a fire extinguisher cabinet anywhere the extinguisher will teleport straight into your hand, as well.
  • XRAY + TK can be used to onehuman the AI from outside the upload. Unfortunately, you can-not activate the freeform module correctly. Shame.

Scientist generic.png Science/Scientist

  • Slimes will glomp you if you hug them enough times.
  • Golems cannot slip. A golem with a spray bottle or a bucket is one of the most dangerous things in the game.
  • You can easily kill slimes with TK. You don't even have to get close to them to kill them. Just tele-throw something like floor tiles or metal sheets at them from another room.
  • Friendly Spiders will produce hostile spiders after eating from a corpse and laying a clutch of eggs. Xenobio can easily breed a freakish spider army, and then if for some reason the power goes out...Honk.
  • Black extracts turn people into actual slimes, green extracts only turn people into googirls/guys.
  • Also black/green slime work even in fairly minute amounts, you can throw 1 unit of green/black extract in 40 units of water and the resulting 5 unit injections would still have an effect.
  • If you have bluespace slimes and large grenades you can use them together to make a weaponized teleport. Space all the beacons you can and then make more and space them as well. Huck the gre-nade in confined spaces (i.e. the shuttle) and delight as large portions of the crew are probably thrown into deep space. Just make sure you're out of the grenade's range. ADDED: Stash the grenade in one of the shuttle's medkits/lockers and activate with a signaller.
  • The slime processor and the chef's food processor are the same thing. So you can grind slimes in the chef's food processor and make fries in the slime processor!
  • Using water on a silver slime core will produce large quanties of booze, including those in large bottles that can be smashed for weapons with an equivalent damage output to a circular saw.
  • If you're making a typical valve transfer bomb, don't follow the wiki precisely. Instead of using a plasma-super hot co2 combo in one tank and pure o2 in the other, use a tank with 80% o2 20% plasma and the other pure super hot co2. This way you get a better o2 to plasma ratio and devastating results.
  • You can now research and build cyborg rechargers.
  • Tank transfer valve will accept any color of large tank, and it will be reflected accurately in the sprite. It even accepts jetpacks.
  • Plasma cutters (AKA infinite welders) can cut through regular walls without causing damage to your eyes.
  • You can scan Slime Jelly with the Odysseus and have it produce more.
  • I recently learned that you can move all the equipment in xenobio so you barely have to leave the slime pens to process monkeys and dead goo. That was such a timesaver. I was running the whole way back every time.
  • If an anomaly appears, scan it with an analyzer and then ping the frequency it gives you with a remote signaling device.

File:Generic scientist.png Traitor Scientist

  • Orange slime extracts can be used as ghetto firebombs.
  • How to ruin someone's day with slimes:
    • Red - Makes all slimes within sight range hyper aggressive. Also makes glycerol with blood in case you want to make a stupidly large hole in the station with a bluespace beaker grenade.
    • Green - Produces 1 unit of a chemical that turns people into slime persons. Use it on someone and convince the AI that they're a danger to humanity. Needs at least 5 units for it to work in a smoke grenade.
    • Black - Turns people into actual slimes, no fort save. Again, 5 units in a smoke grenade will make for a very interesting shuttle flight.
    • Orange - Ignites a large fire
    • Bluespace - May have gotten nerfed into uselessness, but it used to teleport everything in a room that wasn't bolted to the floor to a random beacon. This meant you could send the entirety of escape to the toxins test site. May only give bluespace crystals now.
    • Yellow - Huge EMP
    • Silver - Only way to get real roburgers (with nanites), kudzu seeds, and motherfucking GATFRUIT
    • Gold - We all know what this does.
    • Oil - Explosion. Pretty meh considering there's materials for IEDs everywhere.
    • Adamantium - Makes golems that can be converted to the cult/soul shard/revved. They have to follow orders given to them by their creator so feel free to make them suicide bomb with gold slime cores.

Generic rd.png Research Director

  • Lamarr can be used for internals.
  • If you are doing srs research as RD, remember that you can delete each technology from each server. So, end research, sync servers, go to this little room of mysteries and freezed air and delete them Durands from robotics server. Or better, just mech weapons.
  • You can restore dead AIs using the AI system integrity restorer consoles! There's one in the RD office, and one DIRECTLY TO THE RIGHT OF THE AI UPLOAD FOYER. That's right! When your AI dies, you don't have to fart around and say "uh, so, like, should we call the shuttle or something? or build a new one? herp?" Just use an intellicard on the destroyed AI core and slot it into the console! Wow! You're a helpful little furless monkey!
  • You can make it possible to make Energy Relays. If you can, make a detour and go to the abandoned shuttle : grab the syndicate toolbox, and get back home. Scan it : 1 point in illegal tech. Make a tyrant board, scan it as well : you now have enough illegal tech to make relays from the exosuit fabricators. ADDED: Use stock part sensors and destructive analyzer boards for EM. Use exosuit fabricator boards instead of plasma cutters for engineering. Use teleporter circuits instead of ark transmitters, and telecom relay boards for bluespace. USE CIRCUIT BOARDS INSTEAD OF STUFF, CHEMISTRY IS RIGHT NEXT DOOR.
  • Unlike what some roboticists says, they must answer to the RD. If they are too stubborn to remember that, make yourself the joy to demote them so they remember next time. Otherwise, sync your research often, and go check on 'em to eventually congratulate them on their job. Bring them sulfuric acid so they don't ask you for boards too often. Don't hesitate to steal some materials if the miners are dragging it all to robotics: and remember, 10 sheets of everything is enough to make a good chunk o' stuff.
  • Lola's "how to not be shit at the Protolathe" guide:
  • Ryan Ellis's "Finish research in fifteen minutes without leaving the Science Division" guide:

Tweak to the guide: 15 sheets of metal into the protolathe, 10 of glass into each of protolathe and circuit imprinter. Make 2 rods from a sheet of metal. Dump your acid to the imprinter.
Micro Manip, Capacitor/Tatobattery, High-Cap cell, analyzer, flamethrower (screwdriver your welder, stick rods to it, done). Print tracking beacon, mesons, mining drill, decon each in turn. Get teleporter board, decon. Print an exosuit fabricator board, decon.
Synchronize: Engineering 4, Data 4, Materials 3, Bluespace 3, Combat 2, Plasma 2
Now, my very silly way to avoid having to print a third mech syringe is that you ask medical for a health scanner. If they're being stupid and won't give you one (no seriously they have like 10 in the vendors) open O2 lockers until you can take one from an oxygen dep kit. Decon it for bio 1, the print and decon a Med HUD for bio 2. It's much cheaper than deconning a third syringe gun or MMI.
So you decon 2 super caps, 2 mech syringe guns, 2 mech tasers, 1 wormhole gen, then one each gold, uranium, and diamond pickaxe.
This allows you to build anything, even the more arcane things like MRSPACMAN generators (who wants to BURN DIAMONDS?) at minimal additional cost.
  • Episkopos' RnD Guide:
  • The two non computer parts of a teleporter use telecrystals in their design, so you can get more than enough for max telesci by canabalizing one of the abandoned ones in space.
  • Sync up before upgrading your machines in RnD. ...fuck.
  • If you have an assistant or extra Science crew, give one a RPED full of parts for said machines and a screwdriver, then send them to Medical to be useful. Fully upgraded clones spit out perfect clones. No retards, no defects. They can get dressed and back to bustin' heads.
  • Timrod's RnD Guide:
  • Mandurrrh RnD Guide:
  • Bluespace RnD Guide:
  • Imblyings's RnD Guide:
  • RG4's RnD Guide:

File:ResearchDirector.png Traitor Research Director

  • Traitor RD : you have so many ways to screw the station over...Bombs, guns, a possible access to chemistry, the power to make EVERY POSSIBLE AI UPLOAD BOARDS, the power to call back the shuttle by using a foreign comms board, bags of holding (and thus singulos), extra tracking beacons for your teleporting needs, a spacesuit and a jetpack from telecomms, mechs, an excuse to emag borgs...You can tear the station apart and make them stay on it.
  • The energy relay gives illegal tech. Two relays and a bit of data research can let you build illegal modules for cyborgs, which unlocks their locked module (laser for Secborg, pacid for medborg, diamond drill for minerborg, etc.) at the cost of damaging their interface, making it seem like they're emagged. You can also make the clusterbang launcher, for mechs, and the T.Y.R.A.N.T. module for AIs, with that illegal tech you got.
  • Energy Relays have Illegal Tech 2 in their origin tech. Decon two of them and have sufficient Materials, Engineering and Combat and you can build mech-mounted clusterbang launchers...
    • Don't forget illegal borg modules, which emag a borg without adding any laws. Unlocks the special borg robusting tools like lasers and electric stun-arms. For fighting changelings and other xenos I guess, or nonhuman'd revs/cultists.
      • Even better - an illegal-module borg CANNOT BE EMAGGED because the interface is already damaged.

Roboticist.png Robotics/Roboticist

  • Putting better parts in your robotics fabricator reduces the materials required to build stuff and the time equivalent to increasing the efficiency via materials science, so upgrading at the start helps a lot to get the most out of your starting metal. It stacks with materials science. In particular; the micro laser and manipulators as well as a high materials research will lower amount of materials used.
  • Losing a mech to an explosion will eject you completely unharmed (probably a good idea to be in space gear though).
  • Medibots are a bit more robust than people often seem to account for.
    • Anywhere between adding the robotic arm and the sensor module, you can write on the assembly with a pen to rename the resulting robot, much like cyborgs. This is useful for keeping track of medical robots, as otherwise they're all just named "Medibot".
    • Additionally, you can make medical bots out of any of the four different colors of first aid kit available on the station, and the resulting medical bot will keep that color.
    • Medibot assemblies can be crafted to the last step, and then stored in your backpack. Proximity sensors are tiny items, and can fit in your pockets and your internals box - so it's entirely viable to carry and deploy a small army of medical robots, simply by combining the proximity sensors with them in your backpack. They'll spawn on the ground there and then, ready to work.
    • If you have medical access, a good tweak to do to medical bots is to reduce their healing threshold. Use your PDA/ID to unlock their interface, and reduce it to 5 - they will heal people who are at 95% health or less now, great for topping people up. Remember to lock it after you are done.
    • Again if you have medical access, you can stop an already-deployed Medibot from running away after the nearest hurt person as you drag them towards where they're needed the most simply by temporarily turning them off. You don't even need to unlock them to do this, and turning them on again is simple.
    • Though I've not tested it, logic dictates (see next point) that increasing the injection amount probably isn't going to help too much, since a lower threshold means a Medibot can keep injecting you until you're healthy without overdosing you (which, like with all healing chemicals in the game, has no negative effects other than redundancy).
    • Medical robots all use the same chemicals as standard, so it won't stack if they inject a lot of it into you at once or if multiple medical robots inject you. The chemical will, however, linger in your body at high concentrations - I've been brought out of crit several times because I had two medical robots healing me a few minutes before.
    • The Derelict has all the materials needed to create a medical bot. Start your search at the broken Medbay near the chapel.
    • Offering a tetrality of appropriately named and colored medical robots at the chapel to the Spess Machine God Mechatron will grant you his favor.
  • Mechs are space worthy as long as you enable the air inside your cabin. This can be useful if you don't have a space suit and you need to cross dangerous breaches.
  • The Odysseus can scan a stupidly robust assortment of chemicals with its syringe gun, from the laughable to the freakishly deadly. One such chemical is Plasma. Unlimited liquid plasma can be generated.
  • Mech drills can bust open lockers to get the goodies inside.
  • RIPLEYs are a Roboticist's BEST FRIEND.
    • They are Relatively Cheap
    • They Have Storage Capability
    • Their Internal Airtank, when activated, negates the effects of both hot and cold environ-ments and holds enough air to last the entire round. Literally hours.
    • Their Drill can cut through almost anything including most items, walls, even blast doors. If upgraded to diamond the drill can even cut through Reinforced walls. It is a fairly robust weapon and can gib bodies.
    • If caught in a singularity the mech will be destroyed first giving you the chance to flee.
    • It has fairly robust armor and can resist continuous laser fire from multiple sources for several seconds.
    • It blocks line of sight.
    • When it is destroyed turrets cannot target anyone standing on the same square as it IE the person who was inside when it went boom.
    • A good roboticist should have one on hand at all times.
    • As a side note: An intelligent roboticist in a RIPLEY can rob the vault in 3-5 minutes.* The Odysseus is a force to be reckoned with. It can scan any chemicals, this includes drinks. The Odysseus' internal generator makes infinite amounts of any chemical and syringes fired with the syringe gun can be recovered, meaning you can fire infinite amounts of liquid to use as reagents.
    • You can mix five different chemicals in any syringe (which still only holds 15u, meaning 5 chems equals 3 of each). This can be used to create an amazing healing concoction or an extremely powerful killer syringe. For instance:
    • Healing mixture: Doctor's Delight, Tricordrazine, Inaprovaline.
    • Harming mixture: Lexorin, Unstable mutagen, Beepsky Smash.
  • Clicking a box with syringes while in an Odysseus with syringe gun raised will load every syringe from the box in the Odysseus.
  • Constructing a Ripley Chassis at Materials 1 costs 30,000 metal; at Materials 5, it costs 24,000; at Materials 7, 21,600.
    • At Materials 1, fully upgrading the Exosuit Fabricator (Good luck doing that) makes it cost 27,600 metal (down from 30,000)
    • At Materials 7, fully upgrading the Exosuit Fabricator changes the cost 19,200 metal (down from 21,600 metal)
    • To build a Durand at Materials 7 on a default ExoFab requires:
      • Metal: 329400 (87.84 sheets); Glass: 32400 (8.64 sheets); Silver: 27000 (7.2 sheets); Uranium: 10800 (2.88 sheets)
    • On a fully-upgraded ExoFab, the numbers drop to:
      • Metal: 292800 (78.08 sheets); Glass: 28800 (7.68 sheets); Silver: 23600 (6.293333 sheets); Uranium: 9600 (2.56 sheets)
    • Gygax, Default ExoFab:
      • Metal: 297000 (79.2 sheets); Glass: 32400 (8.64 sheets); Diamond: 10800 (2.88 sheets)
    • Gygax, Pimped ExoFab:
      • Metal: 264000 (70.4 sheets); Glass: 28800 (7.68 sheets); Diamond: 9600 (2.56 sheets)
    • tl;dr -- Combat Mechs mostly cost exorbitant amounts of metal - a stack and a half at least in most cases - but not actually that much of anything else.
  • Small robot assemblies can be carried in your backpack. Leaving the final piece out of a robot assembly and slamming it together in your backpack at the site of an issue makes for an effective response.

File:Roboticist action.png Traitor Roboticist

  • People can't tell who you are when you are inside a mech and have to go by the mechs name... which you can change at any time. Changed your mechs name to some other mech and you can walk across the station as a conferred traitor.
  • An odysseus's syringe gun can scan many reagents. I’ve promised an admin on another server not to reveal what it is, but i can tell you, it makes a fully upgraded and armed Gygax look like a joke when it comes to killing humans if you figure out what i mean (Advanced Slime Toxin and frost oil?).
  • You can load a Medibot with any chemical mixture. Refer to the mixture in the Traitor Chemist section and they will inject them with said mixture over and over until they die.

Pai.png pAI/Personal AI

  • pAIs can not only jack doors, but cameras as well.
  • If you are a pAI and your master get cryoed, if you are with him you can instaeject him in case doctors forget him.

Generic engineer.png Construction/Engineering/Engineer

  • To get maximum camera coverage, you only have to place one camera every fifteen tiles. If there's a wall between them, use an analyzer on the assembly after you weld it to the wall to create an xray camera. Otherwise, count seven tiles from where the previous camera disappears from view and build a camera there.
  • Tired of asking RD for circuit boards? Robotics has a circuit imprinter in it.
  • By placing Arcade machines next to the singularity in engineering, every time the singularity spits out an EMP, the arcade machines will spit out toys. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but you can simply screw and unscrew it again to reset the EMP check so you can spawn more toys from the same arcade cabinet. Engineering toy factory ahoy!
  • How to make an airlock with selected access: Get a hold on the airlock control circuit and click it in your hand, use your engineer ID to change settings on it and pick the access you want it to have.
  • Had a power sink? Found and removed it? Good, now turn the output of every SMES off - and then turn the output back on. Sounds silly and IT-crowdish, but it works. If you do not do that some APCs may not recharge correctly.
  • Currently having a power sink? Wire the singularity into the grid! Stage 3 (purple) and up can counteract a power sink. Although I must admit I'm not quite sure how much MW is needed exactly to do this.
  • A stage 2 (red) singularity is enough to power the 3 engineering SMES at max input. I don't know why everyone wants the singularity to be stage 3. Having it at stage 2 gives you a bit more time to spot particle accelerator sabotage.
  • With the current setup of field generators, a stage 4 singularity can be contained without a problem. Stage 5, however, is coded to dislodge structures, i.e. it WILL eat the field generators by simply pulling them apart.
  • Emitters will still work even after wiring in engineering as been destroyed by a bomb. Only cutting a power cable with wirecutters will cause them to stop working.
  • Arriving half an hour into the round and no one cba to setup the engine? Engineering SMES are drained entirely, thus the emitters just won't go online? Grab the plasma from engineering storage, put it into the PACMAN. Drag the PACMAN to the tile south of the engineering APC, use a wrench on it, set the output to 10000 and turn it on. With the 30 sheets the game starts with, you now have a good while to supply enough current to the emitters to get the engine working.
  • How to wire singulo straight to grid: If you look at the complete station map thing, you'll see that the three Engineering SMES units receive input together and send their output out across each other. Wire the inputs across each other and into the output. You should virtually NEVER do this EXCEPT to counteract a power sink because if anyone gets shocked anywhere they’ll go straight to crit.
  • For most construction/deconstruction operations (Mining, wrenching chairs/tables, deconstructing walls) you can click on multiple spaces to take things apart or build multiple things at a time. Works when drawing with crayons as well if you move through the UI fast enough.
  • You can put windows directly on grilles.
  • You can also pry up 4 floor tiles and weld them together to get a metal sheet, which you can grind down for iron. Glass for silicon. Reinforced glass for metal and silicon. Wood for carbon.
  • Cell chargers give power to inserted cells faster than it takes power from the APC, meaning it generates some power from nothing, and you can alternate between two cell and keep an APC running forever.
  • Power testing:
    • The most power the system will drain seems to be around 225000 W. (Tested this by using the Make All Areas Un-powered secret, then the Power All SMES secret.) With most of the station's lights shut off, except for medical and security areas the system drains around 150000 W. (Tested that by shutting off lighting for every APC except for those areas.)
    • I've also been messing around with the PACMAN type generators and have discovered that, if created with the best parts you can make, each generator will produce:
    • P.A.C.M.A.N generator = 60000 W
    • S.U.P.E.R.P.A.C.M.A.N generator = 180000 W
    • M.R.S.P.A.C.M.A.N generator = 480000 W (Probably enough to power Meta on it's own, but I dunno.)
    • They will also hold 450 sheets of fuel. Meaning, if you've maxed out research you can power the entire station with one SUPERPACMAN and a PACMAN (240000 W), or the entire station minus lights with one SUPERPACMAN.
    • So if you're playing sandbox and you wanna power your own station, put those solar panels away.
    • Also, the solar panel crate in engineering only starts with 13 solar assemblies instead of 21 like solar crates ordered from cargo. A proper solar array is made up of 61 solar panels (including the tracker), so it takes 60 supply points to completely replace one.
  • Powersinks explode when they've drained a certain amount of power. This explosion is only slightly smaller than that of a proper syndicate bomb, but it'll make an obnoxious and largely unique sound for the last few seconds before the blast. This means you can wire the singularity straight to the powernet and the powersink will overload after a while.
  • First of all, the Power Monitoring computer should always be the first port of call.
  1. Power goes out everywhere, in under 10 seconds or so? This is most likely a power sink, power sinks have the odd quirk of still powering the area they are placed in, so your best bet is to get searching for somewhere were the lights are still on, or if it's in maint, where you don't have to crowbar the doors.
  2. Power goes out everywhere, but gradually, section by section? This means there's a problem in Engineering itself as the rest of the station is being topped up with charge. It'll be immediately obvious if the engine isn't on/has escaped. Your next port of call should be the SMES cells. Check they're outputting enough power to overcome the drain OR if no APCs are showing on the Power Monitoring computer, it means a wire has been cut either inside or immediately outside the Engineering area and is not being supplied to the rest of the station.
  3. Power is out across a small area? This is most commonly a broken wire, the easiest way to find it is with familiarity with the power-net and using that in conjunction with the power monitoring computer. If an area has had all wires sending power to it snipped, it's APCs will no longer show on the power monitoring computer. For example, if Medbay as a whole has lost power and isn't showing any of its APCs on the power monitor. The wire cut is most likely in the maint tunnel behind Medbay. The more familiar you become with the power nets, the quicker you will be able to work out where the break is and be able to recognize common spots used.
  4. Power is out across 2 small rooms or in one room? This is most likely an APC that has been tampered with in some way. Either hacked by an AI/Saboteur, destroyed somehow or just had its cell ripped out. Again, if the APC doesn't show up on the Power Monitoring computer, it means it's been severed from the power net and wire either inside that room or very close to the APC has been cut.
  5. Power is intermittent across the station. Stuff turns off for a while, starts working, then goes off again? Your SMES aren't outputting enough power to keep the APCs charged. This happens most often when the output is just under the drain so therefore some APCs get enough power, while others don't.
  • It is possible to upgrade the AI's cameras by using certain items... For example, you can give them x-ray properties if you apply a ultra micro laser to them. Pretty useful if the AI needs eyes in maint and you actually have the research to produce them. Watch as the AI freaks out when it realizes it now sees EVERYTHING in the dorms.There is also a proximity sensor upgrade. Install a proximity sensor upgrade on a camera and the AI will be immediately alerted if anyone comes in view range. There's a third upgrade too, but it's not as good and I do not remember it. (the guide to construction states: For upgrades, insert solid plasma for EMP proofing, a carrot for X-Ray and a proximity sensor for Motion).
  • You can make a voice-locked door by making an airlock, attaching a signaler to the bolt wire, creating a voice analyzer-signaler assembly and keep it on you, when you speak the code word, it toggles the bolts. You can also just use a signaler but that's no fun.
  • Still don't get why people watch the singularity during start-up. The point you turn the PA to 0 is reached when all of the SMES are charging - not when the singularity goes purple, red, green or whatever. The power output of the singularity goes up exponentially (at least it seems like it from my experience) so by the time the SMES start blinking, the output is usually between 1 - 1.5 MW already.
  • Here's a hint for noticing power sinks before anybody else does:
    • always set up the SMES so that all the APCs stay full all the time (100 000+ output each)
    • if you see an APC go red (i.e. not charging), check if it is still connected to the power grid
    • if it is connected, go check the total power load on the station (either via PDA or a power monitoring console)
    • normal load for the entire station is <200 000W. If you see the load steadily rising to well above 500 000W start thinking about wiring the black hole into the grid
    • during a power sink, load tops out at around 1.4MW; so get the singularity to ouput at least 1.7MW or so.
    • Note that even after the sink has been removed, the system is still all wonky and buggy. Disconnecting the singularity from the grid again, may make it look like there's a second sink in place, causing power alarms all over the station, depending on how well charged the APCs are. Feels like some APCs simply break down after such stress - best course of action is to just keep the singularity wired in...
  • Power output is a function of singularity size and the amount of total plasma in collectors.
  • How to be a good engineer:
    • Get singulo stable at stage 2, set all SMES units to 200K in 110K out.* How to be a manly engineer:
    • Get singulo stable at stage 3, set all SMES units as above... including the 4 solar SMES units. Wire singulo and all 7 SMES units to grid directlike. Stroke your beard in satisfaction.
  • You can screwdriver wooden flooring to remove it without breaking it.
  • If a window is not attached (Screwdriver, Crowbar, Screwdriver), you can use a wrench on it to deconstruct it.
  • You can turn one color of wire into another color easily.
    • Get a color of wire you want, and a color of wire you have
    • Add the color you have to the color you want to increase the amount of the color you want
  • Need to set up the singulo? No CE or AI to open secure storage? Use the nearby APC to turn off equipment power and crowbar open the blast doors.

File:Engineer.png Traitor Station Engineer

See Awesome hacking stuff and the official Hacking-page.

Generic ce.png Chief Engineer

  • Use emitters against blob. Shit cuts through blobs like it ain't no thang. However, the strong blob surrounding the core will sometimes regen so fast that emitters can't hurt the blob core. In that case, get a few lasers ready and shoot at the core from a tile diagonally adjacent to the emitter and between the blob and the emitter itself. The laser projectile will immediatly transfer to the line of fire from the emitter. You only need to cut a single line to the blob, every other part of it can be ignored.
  • Magboots don't just stop you slipping into space, they stop you slipping in general when they're activated.
  • All that is needed for telecomms is: receiver->mainframe->processor->mainframe->server->broadcaster. Just make sure everything is linked to each other properly and you won't need a hub. Mining and people on the DJ station are still fucked though without a hub.
  • Poly kills spiders in 2 to 3 seconds and can’t be hit by them (if you can get Poly to attack them). Works on carps too!
  • Monitor key allows you to use the message monitoring computer to read all of the PDA messages that have happened during the round.
  • CE’s hardsuit is fireproof, and is said to be able to hold a jetpack on the exosuit slot.
  • You can mute intercomms with NTSL scripting (RIP WGW lynchings).
  • You can scan pieces of paper with your PDA to add them to your PDA notes. Useful as a CE, just scan your monitor key and then hide it in the paper bin.
  • The message monitor console in telecoms can be used to forge PDA messages. Go to the last option, to send a system administrator message, and change the name and title. (They don't have to be on the manifest, even.)

Generic atmos.png Atmospherics/Atmospheric Technician

  • Firesuits protect between 60 to 30,000 kelvin.
  • Setting air vents to 0 kPa internal check (or just turning off the check) will make them pump out air like crazy, which makes it excellent to restore air to an area quickly. But be careful with the pressure on the vent tile itself, if the pressure in the outgoing distro loop is very high it might be dangerous. ADDED: Don't max the vents. Set the vents to internal and desired pressure 0 instead. Maxed vents at 5000 KPA in a 100 KPA room will output 2450 KPA in the first tick, then 1225 KPA, 612.5 KPA, 306.25 KPA, 153.125 KPA, etc etc (assuming vents are always provided with max air). Zero'd vents will output 5000 KPA, then 5000 KPA, then 5000 KPA, etc.
  • N2O knocks out in low amounts, suffocates in high amounts.
  • If you're an atmos tech trying to repair a hull breach without a fire/space suit: Turn off the vents. No more air will be vented into the room, which means there won't be any space wind to fight against if you accidentally fall out the window.
  • Atmos tech is actually an interesting job, disposal tubes give such wonderful opportunities for killing people, however it takes shitton of time to build everything you need.
  • Any sort of air mix is survivable as long as it has at least 16 kPa of oxygen on the output. This means you can easily compute the release pressure you'd need for a given airmix by dividing 16 by the percentage of oxygen in the mix; i.e. for 20/80 O2/N2 air mix you'd need a release pressure of 16/0.2 = 80 to be fine.
  • Steps To Set Up Atmospherics So You Never Need To Worry And It Fucking Helps You Out
  1. Turn off and unwrench Air to Distro and Waste In, two pumps in the northern area of Atmos where the distro loop and mixing is done and all that. They are labeled and easy to find. Keep them in place on the floor.
  2. Go to the atmos pipe dispenser a few meters away, and vend two volumetric pumps. These are like regular pumps but almost literally better in every way whatsoever. They pump more, faster.
  3. Fit your volumetric pumps in place of Waste In and Air to Distro, making sure the red stripe lines up with how the pumps were fitted by default so the flow goes the right way.
  4. Volumetric pumps are automatically set to full fucking power so just turn on both of them.
  5. Set every scrubber in the loop around the room to 4500 kPa. This is full blast.:* You have now completely set up Atmospherics to be beast mode in, like, three minutes. You can also do other stuff, like fit manual valves to the bad gasses to hamper solo-AI floods, and replace other pumps in the bowels of Atmospherics with volume pumps, but really, that five point checklist will do it. Ninety-plus percent of people don't know jack shit about Atmospherics, and it's so easy to set it up so that it actually does shit. It's so rare to see it happen that the CE actually sought me out for praise for doing it this way.:* For AIs, if no organics are around competent/willing to do this manually and your Engiborgs (if you have any) are busy, which is like a guarantee, you can do a simpler version of this; just turn Air to Distro and Waste In up to 4500 kPa and set each scrubber station to 4500 kPa too. It won't be as effective but it's so much better than nothing. Cranking up the air available in the distro loop poses no threat to safety, and in fact makes it harder to start up harmful floods since there's so much good air in the way in there. And since you're the AI, you can now use air vents (and scrubbers) as they were fucking designed to be used; to scrub, drain, and replace air in rooms as necessary, and it fucking works. It is astonishing how little is required to turn a system so often seen as worthless into a helpful part of the station.:* Minor addendum: A maxed volume pump and a maxed normal pump pump at the same rate given ideal circumstances. The difference is the volume pump won't stop pumping once its output end is at 4500 kpa or more. This makes it excellent for waste in, where no matter how much gas the previous fire/atmos experiment clogged the filtering loop with, Waste In is still pumping waste out of the scrubbers pipes, and by extension, helping keep the scrubbers from getting clogged to the point of uselessness.:* For the record, the advice of adding manual valves to the plasma loop will result in you getting yelled at by an admin if there's no evidence that the AI is rogue. It's "Spacing objectives tier", and for good reason.:* Setting up atmos doesn't really matter that much anyway as long as you give the distro loop some pressure. The entire supply and equipment is designed for a space station that's supposed to last month. There's about two instances in which a proper setup is useful: massive hullbreaches which will drain a lot of air (most of which will then uselessly disappear in space anyway) and station wide plasma fires which might fill the waste loop (in which case you're at fault as an atmos tech for not keeping an eye on the system in the first place).
  • If you are an atmos tech and want to greatly reduce possibility of harmful atmos manipulations... or if you are an AI and you spotted a guy just turning valves to release plasma to distro:
  • Open atmospherics console for specific chamber and toggle power on output. 90% of players don't check this console. As AI I laughed many times as sabotagist was running back and forth, checking every pump 3 times, and still no plasma appeared. In this way you can also shut down harmful gases pumping when one is smart and changed pipes under grilles.:* Or put manual valves in front of every harmful gas, switch out some gas pumps for volumetric pumps, and repipe the mixing pipes to disallow the mix tank to provide into the distro. (Setting up Atmos in such a way it can't be sabotaged by the AI before there's a reason to think the AI might sabotage Atmos is not only metagaming, it is also bannable. If you see this happen, adminhelp it!)
  • You can rotate a pipe in your hand by click on it.
  • Fire extinguishers fit in firesuit suitstorage.
  • The Fire Axe Cabinet can be opened with a multitool.
  • You can disable fire alarms by multitooling them.
  • You can trigger fire alarms by shooting them with a projectile. ADDED: Or hitting them with anything.

File:AtomsTech.png Traitor Atmospheric Technician

  • The incinerator can easily be used to create canisters of pure death.
  • Plasma + N2O is extremely deadly if you can get someone to use it as internals/force them to use it. They won't even be able to scream.
  • Wielded fire-axes break grilles and reinforced windows. In one shot.
    • And open unpowered doors and kill people fairly reliably.
  • You can change sensor settings on air alarms so it doesn't cause an alarm by setting the value to -1, which turns that sensor off. Do it for all sensors and you can get rid of pesky alarms that are pretty much already fixed, or hide atmos fuckery.

Generic shaft.png Mining/Shaft Miner

  • Always go with at least 2 other people when mining. Not only can you mine faster together, the chance that they could both be 'lings/traitors is rather low. Pickaxe to the skull tends to put down most people.
  • If you have a pickaxe in your non-active hand you can walk into ores and walls to automine them. What's even better, if you are holding a mining satchel in your active hand clicking the ores you just mined will NOT disrupt any more mining you are doing, meaning you can walk in a wall, start mining automatically, and then keep walking and pick the ore up as you go, AND unloading into an ore box you may (should) be dragging. Heck, you don't even need to click on the ore sprite, you just need to click the tile! Mining borgs can choke on it!
  • If you have access, there are two first-aid kits and a sleeper on the mining station.
  • You can view the contents of a mining satchel as if it were a backpack.
  • Durands only require uranium and silver, which are abundant. Gygaxes require diamond, which is very rare in most cases. So if you find just 5 diamond, to get yourself a diamond drill, and mine out shit tons of metal, uranium and silver, you can make it Durand station 13!
  • Wish soup is made of 20 units of water and nothing else, but sometimes (~25% of the time) will actually be generated with nutriment you can actually get full on. Meaning it's one of the only things you can make with the non-kitchen microwaves once the donk pockets run out. It's also the only thing you can make on the DJ station at all without importing ingredients (provided you bring something to hold the water in).
  • From the Questions thread: Ctrl-Z (with no hotkey-mode) or just Z (with hotkey-mode on) apparently cocks the combat/mining shotgun. No more clicking in between shots!
  • When mining alone, it's better to take the resonator. The gun doesn't do as much damage, is harder to use, and requires that you be right next to your target constantly, increasing the risk that you'll be stunned, pulverized, and your body guarded so you won't get back into the game. With the resonator, you can stand four or five tiles away at all times, wait for the tentacle attack, dodge it, move in, place a field(or two, if you feel robust), and move back out with a low risk of harm, and no risk of being stunned.
  • Minebots are great at distracting targets. You just walk near and bash them with your drill (targets, not bots). They can take quite a beating, but goliaths can take them down pretty quickly if you're not quick enough. Plus they collect all the crap gibtonite left.
  • The Proto-kinetic Accelerator can destroy electrified grilles without needing a pair of insulated gloves.
  • The Proto-kinetic Accelerator will obliterate a space carp in one hit while in space.
  • Hivelords drop remains which heals all damage and can be eaten without taking off your mask/helmet, but becomes useless fast and will remove stimulants from your body!
  • Lazarus Injectors no longer make resurrected mobs hostile to other players, only other NPC mobs, and goliaths can't be dragged around once resurrected.
  • The Head of Personnel will probably reward you with all access if you resurrect Ian. Also, sometimes the Research Director will reward you for a pet gold grub.
  • If you're expecting trouble on the station, consider taking out a window on the mining shuttle before you return to make a quick getaway so you're not trapped like a rat in a cage.
  • Taking stimulants before delivering materials to science will help keep you alive.
  • The mining drone can be repaired with a welding tool, but not in the middle of a fight. A goliath will always win in a one on one fight with a mining drone.
  • There are microwaves and a box of donks in every mining station that you can use for healing.
  • Life improving things:
    • Mining rig upgrade : Goliath plates add +10% melee resist each time when applied to a rig, ideally if you're just mining you'd want to solely apply that to your chest piece. When maxed out you'll be able to fight a goliath without kiting and take minor damage. It is recommended to apply plates to the head instead if you plan to antag as players more often target your head. The plates will stack until they reach 80%. That makes your suit a space worthy riot suit.
    • Security Jumpsuit : This gives a +10% melee resist to everywhere but your head. Nag the QM or HoP to give you one.
    • Augmentations : Augs are VERY useful for miners, as healing with a welder is ultimately easier. Plus they work differently than armor when it comes to protection, instead reducing all brute damage taken by an augmented body part by 5 (4 for burn). Downside : EMP vulnerability.
    • If these all 3 are combined you become close to immune to melee, only a ninja's energy blade is robust enough to even so much as scratch you, and blobs are utterly hopeless. However, guns are still a threat, and anybody can still surprise you with a stunprod and strip away your precious +4 rig. And be wary, the gods may not take kindly to your hubris.

File:Miner.png Traitor Shaft Miner

  • If you're a miner and you have to kill another miner; there's a really easy way to block communications one way so he can't call for help.
    • Grab a multitool, go to the mining communications room.
    • Use the multi tool on the relay and make sure the relay isn't sending, meaning your headset won't go to people on the station.
    • Kill your target with their shouts for help unheard.
  • You can get plasma at exactly the heat you need for canister bombs by welding a plasma door in vacuum. Use an air pump to take it, then put [REDACTED] KPa into an empty large tank (the size of plasma, emergency O2, etc). You can then ignite it with a can of pure O2 set to release at 1013.25 KPa. This is the Shaft Miner's canister bomb. It's easy to set up on the asteroid.
  • More than one uranium wall is hilariously deadly. IIRC they give off a "pulse"of radiation every couple of seconds. This pulse makes other uranium walls in range pulse as well, and they all run on their own timer.
  • Tiers 0-1-2-3 can gib bodies, remember mining suits take 50% of damage away from bombs, so strip miners you want to make disappear forever first.
  • Beg admins for Death Ripley, if no admins or non responsive, give it to cargo tech so they can drill open lockers and crates they shouldn't be able to. DO NOT BRING TO MINING.

File:Clown.png Antagonist/Traitor

  • Emagging a borg to give it a Law 0 has a chance of failure.
  • Emag any Janiborg you can for their infinite lube reserves.
  • Apparently you can force the AI to call the shuttle by throwing an EMP grenade near it's core; it has a 15% chance to do so though.
  • Store dead bodies on the Toxins Test Site. Nobody will ever find them.
  • Security cameras see as far as you do (7 tiles). This means that if you can't see a regular camera, it can't see you. X-ray cameras see through walls. You can differentiate them from normal cameras by the name, and the curved protrusion on the side.
  • Having a bomb in your backpack and setting it off while in a sleeper, will blow up all the shut and the sleeper, but leaving you perfectly unharmed.
  • If you inject a good power cell with plasma, it'll explode and create a hole in space when it is used for anything.
  • Lightswitches can be used to sabotage a room if you inject plasma into the lightbulbs. Also works if there is a power outage.
  • Also an emagged Medibot will flat out murder anyone who stands still. Good combo with emagged Beepsky.
  • Janiborgs are very effective thieves due to being able to pick up items with their trash bag. Emag one, tell it to bring you the AI Upload board and a module of your choice from the Upload Chamber, etc.
  • When you take something from your bag, or put something in it, it creates a message that everyone around you gets. How far this message goes depends on the size of your item. Here's a cheat sheet:
    • If the item can't be placed into a box, then when you put it in your bag it'll show to everyone that can see you.
    • If the item can be placed into a box, then when you put it in your bag it'll only show to people who are directly next to you.
    • This also means that only the people next to you can see what you put into your box, as the box uses the same code as the bag. There are also a few exceptions, like the e-bow, that don't show any message at all.
  • Fake Mustaches conceal your identity as well as a gas mask or helmet.
  • An agent card, which can be used to make you untrackable by the AI, can also scan other IDs to copy their access, producing no special message for spectators: you can do it pretty much anywhere in full view of everyone. Have fun standing in the HoP's line by queuing up behind someone with large amounts of access and copying that access on the diagonal while the ID is placed on the table. Also scanning two cards with an agent card give the agent card the permissions of both, you can create a ghetto captains ID with a few low level ID's you just find laying around.
  • You can hide things in the back of a toilet by removing the cap with a crowbar.
  • If you grab someone and use them on a open toilet, you give them a swirly that drowns them. If it is closed, it slams the affected person into the toilet seat.
  • The chameleon projector is the best item to get as a traitor, it will easily allow you to hide in plain sight and you can use it to dodge shots, just run with it in your and spam it to have bolts go over you. The default item it turns into is probably the best (cigarette bud) but if you know an item that is one pixel wide, and camouflages into the ground, then you are basically untouchable. (Unable to find one yet)
    • A hilariously effective use of the cham projector is something slippery, like the clown's PDA or a banana peel. Saw one in Medbay once and everyone just walked around it until I decided to get rid of the workplace hazard and WILD CLOWN MATERIALIZES.
    • You can't drag items that are people with cham projectors on, giving you a way to check an item without immediately sending the cloaker into a panic.
    • Floorbots won't try to collect people disguised as floor tiles or metal
    • While pretending to be an item you can move out of closets without opening them. This is useful if you've accidentally been locked in a closet while guised
    • Pretending to be an item in space gives you perfect movement, but you'll still die of exposure if you're not prepared
    • If you ghost your catatonic body will remain cloaked
    • You can cloak as things in the holodeck and use them elsewhere on the station, no one ever suspects the beachball.
    • You can wrench apart a table or rack and rebuild it under you and disguise for a more convincing ploy.
    • Item cloaked people are immune to the mass driver
    • Hiding as an item in a doorway will let the door close harmlessly on you, giving total concealment.
    • Buy an uplink implant, if you get brigged buy a projector and inspire the wild goose chase of the century as you hide there. If sec is being meta shitlords they'll probably assume there's a cult about due to the lack of evidence of any escape route besides a straight up teleport.
  • Glass shards can be “prepared” to be 15 damage pocket-fitting weapons:
    • Glass shards can be force 15 if you prepare them.
    • Throw them against the wall. Each time you do it, there is a 20% chance the force will change to 15. Otherwise it will change to 4
    • Test it on yourself with a health analyzer until you notice yourself taking 15 damage.
    • Melee damage on the shard will not change if you don’t throw it.
  • No-Slip syndie shoes are the most cost effective thing you can possibly buy, and probably the most powerful thing you can purchase.
  • You can change the timer on C4 to be extremely high, it tops out at 60000 seconds (1000 minutes = 16.7 hours). Scare the ba-jesus out of someone by planting them with irremovable C4 that will probably never detonate or hang a live explosive on your wall for a stylish conversation piece.
  • The entirety of Disposals can easily be routed into space in certain maint areas, really makes rev quite useful when you need only stun and drag sec/a head to a disposal bin to instantly kill them. Disposals can be a very potent weapon if used correctly, and there are plenty of correct ways. You just need to find them.
  • Putting a tracking beacon in space makes the hand teleporter a instantly lethal weapon instead of a convenience.
  • Disposals can be routed to go into the captain's office.
  • A banana peel slip is long enough to quickchoke someone.... not as devastating as it once was, but they'll be down for the count unless someone assists them.
  • Targeting the eyes with a flashlight and attacking someone with it will cause their screen to flash white for a moment... This works on cyborgs as well, and can be used to blind and seriously inconvenience them if you don't have access to a flash and have someone to assist you in beating them to death.
  • Lockers do not protect from space and atmosphere. So stun-locker-weld-space is a valid strategy.
  • When security is chasing you, occasionally do a 180° and sprint back past them. If they’re space lagging enough, they won’t see you run by. This is especially effective if you’re being chased by the dreaded security mob, mainly because such mobs have a pack mentality. If you manage to throw off one officer, chances are good someone will follow him as well. Also, unless they are right on your ass, close doors you go through and open doors you don’t. People will chase open doors if they lose a visual on you. Also, tasers can’t go through doors and you can’t open a door during its closing animation, which can give you another extra second to duck into a maintenance tunnel.
  • There's an ID console near arrivals. If you get all-access when you really shouldn't, you should use this to make extra ID's to stash somewhere for when Sec inevitably takes your original ID.
  • Shoving a corpse into a locker or body bag or buckling to a chair/roller bed then dragging that object about leaves no blood trail.
  • With an emag and a chameleon projector, you can go anywhere on the station, fulfill any objective (murder objectives become easy if you break into the armory, after all), and evade capture forever. And if you play your cards right, the crew will think you have a goddamn hand tele.
  • Shooting syringes of black slime juice works and will turn the person into a slime. Combine this with that one icy reagent or a docility potion and bam, you just murdered someone.
  • You can absorb with only a passive grab. So you can absorb people handcuffed to chairs.
  • Diamond drills can break through r-walls, in record time. It's great.
  • Already named your agent ID? Out of points? Your voice changer is still useful! Make that guy you murdered blame somebody else! Make him say he's committing suicide! If you have access to an ID modification console and/or spare IDs, it's EVEN MORE FUN. HoP traitor (or equivalent) with a voice changer can impersonate anyone he wants, including entirely new people, from the comfort of his own office or his escape pod.
  • You should hide off cameras when impersonating someone with a normal ID, as the AI can track you.
  • You can always turn that Box of Spare IDs into a Box of Fake IDs, find a nice place in maint....
  • If you ever need a place to hide something make a false wall to the balloons secret spot and put the stuff into that area to get later when the heat has died down. All you need to worry about is some-body wanting a balloon and finds a ton of weapons or something else instead. For extra points use the secret spot right by sec for the irony if they ever find out. ADDED: You can also use the little construction area next to security if you don't mind a little damage. Few people check there unless there happens to be a powersink/hidden comms console.
  • NOBODY expects freedom implants.
  • You can delete your fingerprints from the security records.
  • Nobody checks the lockers in the locker room. Like, ever. And you need a fairly high level of ID (I can do it with all-access) to open lockers that aren't already coded to a specific PDA, so no worries about Joe Schmoe Assistant running in and stealing your hand tele.
  • How to quickly and easily disable tcomms permanently (99% of the time) as a traitor, at the cost of four telecrystals: from in front of the Incinerator door, go 4 tiles south and slap a block of C4 to your right. Equip internals while you wait for it to go off. This will destroy the telecomms APC, which will depower comms. Nobody will be able to use headsets. With your internals on obviously, slap a second block of C4 on the hub in the middle of the room. If you didn't get tased and then lasered and dragged out onto a solar by an engineer who's packing, you will be able to enjoy your disabled comms and everyone walking around with constantly broadcasting station bounced radios in their pockets. ADDED: Destroying the hub does stop communication through headsets on the station.
  • How to get to the Captain’s Quarters through disposals: There is a disposals tunnel outside the mining dock. Just weld and then wrench the sorting pipe, then right-click it once it's free and click flip. With a bit of luck, it'll be facing the opposite way. Wrench and weld it. Any disposal "upstream" from that pipe will now take objects and people to the HoP's office. I like to break into the construction area above tcomms, because it has a disposal in-between the pipe you need to flip to get into the captain's office and the previous one we flipped. To get into the Captain's office, you need to crowbar the floor here below the teleporter, then weld, wrench and flip the pipe. When the arrow is pointing right, wrench and weld the pipe and lay the floor tile back over it. Any disposal "upstream" from there will take you to the captain's office. The rest will take you to the HoP's. The only question is, if there's no ID and no hand tele, how do you get out before security gets there?
  • Emagging a comms console with captain access allows you to contact the syndicate. Use this to demand new objectives, which they will often give you more telecrystals to help you do this.
  • Eswords disable bolts on doors.
  • You can't get out of package wrapped lockers. I don't even know if you can resist out of them.
  • Spaced bodies can husk, but it's pretty slow. Burned bodies husk much better.
  • You can be free people from perma without using space. ADDED: If you go through brig maint, get through the window and grill near where they keep Sec's atmospheric canisters. Walk up near evidence, cut down the evidence R-wall, Go over to the wall that is behind the table in perma, make it into a hidden wall. Wrench the table and Tada! Sneak in and out of perma while only having to worry about the AI!
  • The AI cannot examine anything except things it can see in its chamber.
  • Can uncuff while in a disposal unit.
  • You can strip someone's pockets without a message appearing, if they don't move during it, otherwise they'll get a message that says their pockets are being touched. The item will still drop on the floor so you'll have to be quick about picking it up.
  • Instead of putting ignited lighter near your plasma tank bomb so it ignites the plasma ,you can wield your plasma tank bomb with wielding tool so you would not need to make such a complicated scheme. (???)
  • Grilles break in four clicks with your bare hands. I.e., it's a LOT faster to kick down grilles than smack them down with a crowbar or fire extinguisher. Relatedly , single r-windows break after about four throws of a body. It's less handy now that you have to grab a guy twice to throw him, but if you're ever stuck, fire-extinguisherless, and have a buddy, it's probably the fastest way through.
  • You can take out a combat mech with just an axe if you circle it well enough. Since they turn around slowly and must face you to fire, they can't do shit. The only issue is getting close enough. Also, if you intend to give someone a combat mech (not yourself) stick on a bunch of mech beacons and build yourself an exosuit computer. If they start to rampage, EMP all the beacons and ruin their mech. Then laugh at them and smash their face in real good.
  • PDA holds a pen by default. Remove it and store your parapen there if you take it. No one carries pens in their bag.
  • Are you a traitorous sort lucky enough to have HoP-level access? Don't want security on your dick? CLOSE THE FUKKEN POSITIONS. An understaffed security team is a shit security team. Note that you can only open or close one position per 5 minutes per console. That's why you use multiple consoles.
  • Latex gloves don't stop you from leaving your fingerprints everywhere. They leave partial prints.
  • Strapping a man to a chair while throwing floor tiles at him, is a surprisingly quick death on his part.
  • If your objective is to steal the nuke disk, steal the pinpointer as well. The reason should be self-evident.
  • The suspicious toolbox does fifteen damage instead of ten, making it as strong as a circular saw or a null rod.
  • Borgs are always stunned by flashes, but the amount of time they're stunned varies.
  • Grenades can be activated from backpack with mousetraps.
  • Suit Storage Units can hold any type of space suit, even hardsuits. You can hide hardsuits in them and nobody will ever think of checking there. Well, unless the power goes out and the SSU forcibly ejects its contents, of course.
  • The nuke blocks projectiles.
  • You can move contraband posters by using wirecutters on them. It'll remove them from the wall and you'll get the rolled up poster back.
  • Black gloves are fireproof. That means you can take whatever lights you want without getting burned.
  • Pulse rifles can actually break tables, racks, girders, and pretty much anything, provided you aim at it with your mouse. Except airlocks.
  • You can accomplish most non-murder objectives by asking nicely.
  • Do U-turns when running away. It can confuse a lot of people. Works even better if areas are dark. Run towards engineering after opening one of the airlocks in the above intersection. It makes people go the wrong way.
  • EMP can silence headsets.
  • You can dip a cig in anything. Dip a cigar in plasma, the person who lights it will be gibbed (normal cigs won't do as much damage).
  • Reverse pickpocketing doesn't produce a message for people you try it on (unless it fails). You can reverse pickpocket minibombs onto people. You can start the timer on the minibomb after you start the pickpocket attempt but before it's actually placed. At point blank range, the minibomb gibs provided the target has no protection. Go forth and explode pants.
  • You can make an improvised explosive (IED) with basic materials. What you'll need:
    • Soft drink bottle (I'll use Space Cola), Igniter, a Welding fuel tank, and a cable coil.
    • Igniter ---> Space Cola ---> improvised explosive assembly --> click on a welding fuel tank --> cables ---> improvised explosive assembly (filled)
    • Should be all set. Oh, and it can gib dead people, if exploded on their body, and the explosion doesn't expose blown tiles to space. It also destroys dead borg's bodies so you can get the MMI.
  • One very important note about IED's blast radius is that it can destroy an APC one tile away. Meaning an IED in the windoor square in front of the AI can destroy its apc and render it incapable of shunting or really doing anything at all.
  • You can use an IED on an r-wall to skip most of the steps of disassembling an r-wall.
  • Got perma access? Try to slip a fully loaded toolbox in perma bathroom or hide an emag inside of the back of the toilet.
  • You don't need to steal the blueprints to complete your objective, you can instead take a picture of it and it will count as successfully stealing it.
  • "Steal plasma" is just the most easy objective; Grab a emergency O2 tank or an air tank, stuff it in a public scrubber until it's empty. Grab 10 sheets of metal, go to incinerator, make canister, attach canister to port, activate plasma valve, stuff tank into can, set pressure to max, open, wait, close, remove, win/die because you used it for internals.
  • EMPing a cloning pod turns the clone into a slurry of blood and meat chunks. In case you've got access to ground iron and uranium and REALLY need the guy getting cloned to not get cloned.
  • If you have a bottle filled with water, and are running left, put the bottle in your right arm. It makes it invisible to anyone running with you, so its a stealth weapon you can just suddenly spray with if you have someone chasing you. Same goes with if you are going right, you put the bottle on the left. No one really bothers examining while running after someone so they won't see the sudden water stream come out of no where when they're trying to attack you.
  • E-swords and plasma cutters can be used make sawn-offs, not just saws. Eswords can also cut cakes and pizzas, and light cigars.
  • Simply changing your hairstyle can be enough to throw security off your trail if they only caught a glimpse of you. Especially if you have hair that really stands out.
  • A strategy to win Cuban Pete:
    • If your magic is less than 5, charge.
    • If your health is less than Pete's, and your turtle value is less than 3, heal.
    • Otherwise, attack.
    • Healing increases your turtle value by 1.
    • Attacking or charging your magic reduces your turtle value by 1.
    • Pete will attack you for more damage if your turtle value is greater than 3.
    • This technique gives you a win/loss ratio of about 1.7 on average. If your health is ever below 7, restart the game (screwdriver the arcade machine to restart).
    • Also, once you get Pete to low health, be aware that he can steal your magic. This can result in your death easily, such as if you heal at 5 magic using up 3, and then he steals 2, bringing you to 0 and gibbing you.
  • RIG suits can carry a Jetpack in its Suit Slot, it still needs to be on your back to work, however you can carry it around without anyone seeing.
  • If you put an ID inside PDA and there is already an ID inside that PDA, the old ID will be automatically placed in your hand.
  • Tip for BnE: Get a fake moustache from a maint autodrobe and a bald haircut from the dorms, with the fake moustache if you take off your ID you're still 'unknown' but whoever catches you in the act will be looking for someone with a bald haircut and a black mustache.
  • During Rev, prioritize the RD. He has the best access to the best, most dangerous toys, and also has the easiest office to raid and the best staff to convert bar none.
  • Exo nuclear reactor radiation hits targets in 8 tile radius, get three exonuclear reactors for becoming walking radioactive catastrophe! Don't forget radiation suit, huh.
  • If you're looking to hijack a shuttle and have spare space in your inventory, the fastest way to lock people out long enough to emag it without warning is to drop two reinforced tables in one airlock passage just before it docks after bolt-nolight-emagging the other airlock passage(s). Results may vary in places with more than 2-3 doors. ADDED: Five out of Five robusters agree - The surest way to escape alone is preventing anyone from boarding and emagging the console. Murderboning never works, and subverting the AI relies on the AI not being shit - Inconsistent & risky.
  • Tip: Bullets pass through windows, but not Grilles. Lasers pass through windows and grilles. Electrodes are blocked by both windows and grilles.
  • You can shoot a window with a laser (I.e, Click the window) to shoot at the window, rather than through the window. Doing this is faster than almost every other method, comparable in speed to deconstruction.
  • You can steal flashes from mounted flashers by using a wirecutter. This will disable the flasher until a replacement flash is installed.
  • You can destroy canisters by attacking them. Usually I'll use a welder, which also lights the plasma on fire after it escapes. Very useful for traitoring. It's stupidly easy to escape alone just by releasing some plasma at escape a few minutes before the shuttle arrives. Also fire will destroy canisters the same way, so a fire in Toxins storage is REALLY bad. ADDED: Keep in mind that it doesn't destroy then release the plasma. It'll actually explode like a small bomb. So if you're trying to make an inferno, let the can empty THEN light it, so you don't put your own fire out with vacuum.
  • Bombing the engineering SMESes will cause the server to lag intolerably for five minutes. ADDED: It's also almost always an instant shuttle call. The solars can't support the whole station on wired power for long, and almost no one knows you can make SMES. ADDED x2: And hardly anyone makes use of the Backup SMES in Electrical Maint.
  • Spraying with welder fuel someone who's smoking a cigarette/cigar will set them on fire. Same applies to lit welders. Especially awesome since unlike other methods for setting someone on fire spraying does not show in the chatbox and it can be done from quite a few tiles away. ADDED: It also works with a active esword, as a poor antag found out once.
  • I like to keep a mask, shaved, insulated gloves and maybe a silly hat in my pack. Whenever I commit any crime, I put it all on and do it as unknown. The moment security loses sight of me, I strip it all off and put on a friendly breathing mask, then walk the other way. Eventually someone calls me out by my black hair, so I can shave it off.
  • You only need maint access to make single tank bombs, on any map. Get a large airtank, any igniter assembly, a wrench and a welder. Remove the air in the airtank with an airpump, then add some plasma and oxygen from the incinerator room(may need some pipe rewrenching depending on the map), add a hot gas, then attach the igniter assembly and weld a hole in the bomb. Experiment with the mix, I've seen 1,2,4 sized explosions(which is syndicate minibomb size) but I am sure you can make even bigger ones.
  • You know those Russian Revolvers that spawn on some maps? You can load them with revolver ammo and shoot them just like a regular revolver! However, there is a twist to this: Each time you fire, you'll spin the chamber. So while the first shot of a full revolver will always fire, the second one may not. The less bullets you have in the chamber, the lower your chance that you will actually fire a live bullet. The worst thing is that you will need to manually empty all shells, unspent or live onto the floor. Fun thing to try if you are feeling lucky.
  • Instead of just cutting the wires for the vault, you can just grab a toolbox, ointment, and one of them budget insulated gloves and break in from the window. Only on box though.

File:Hud-target.gif Being Robust

  • Punching people in the mouth has a random chance of stunning and/or KO. It's the same for punching to the head, though mouth might have a slightly higher weaken chance.
  • In melee fight, always aim for the groin for maximum chance of stunning, if opponent has captain's armor/CE's suit/rigsuit, aim for the mouth.
  • Bomb suits function as ghetto riot gear.
  • Disarm intent is very, very, very good. If you don't have a stun weapon, or they do, disarm them quickly, steal it, and use it against them. This is really easy against officers who just have a baton, or really anyone with that status.
  • Lit welding tools two- or three-hit carp.
  • Steal an empty bottle from the bar, fill it with welder fuel and grab a lighter. Smash the bottle on your target's head and use the lighter on them while they're stunned. Now they are on fire. This is particularly effective as a self defence measure assuming you can't get your hands on some proper weapons. While fire will take several seconds before doing serious damage, most people won't be carrying anything to extinguish it. They can resist to put it out but resisting out of being on fire is an auto stun, otherwise they can keep fighting and all you'll have to do is keep your distance untill they burn to death. Their only option is running away. The added benefit of fire is that armors don't generally have fire protection, that makes it a great weapon against better equipped foes like nuke ops with their pesky armor and shield, assuming you can get close enough, but once you manage it's going to ruin their day.
  • There's a roman shield in the premium items of the autodrobe. It has all the same benefits as a normal riot shield from the armory.

File:Wirecutters.png Hacking

  • You can get 1000 watt powercells out of space heaters for your evil needs.
  • Hacking a camera:
    • If you cut the Focus wire on a camera, it can only see two tiles.
    • If you cut the Camera wire, it will show up as Cut on a Camera monitor and static for the AI.
    • If you deconstruct the camera completely, it will not show up at all on the camera monitor. You don't need to cut the alarm wire, but you need to cut every other wire. Either way it doesn't matter, due to smashing/turning off lights being infinitely more effective without attracting attention.
  • You don't need to cut a camera's power wire to disable it, you can just pulse it. This means you can attach a remote signaler to that wire and use a second signaler set to the same frequency and code to toggle the camera off and on.
  • Hacking doors: Cutting the power wire does 10 seconds to back up power. But pulsing also switches to back up power after 10 seconds, meaning if you want to open the same door for your exit you need to pulse the BACKUP wire to interrupt power. I think it switches back to primary after 1 minute again. Best thing is pulse both the primary and backup then crowbar - that should give you the old style 1 minute window.
  • To restore primary power to a door immediately, cut then mend the primary power wire. Cutting + mending is incredibly useful when you've accidentally electrified a door, or shorted APC power.
  • Use screwdriver on mousetrap, attach to an igniter instead of a timer when making a grenade assembly, you've just made a landmine. Combine with a 100-100 potassium-water mix and anyone who steps on it will regret it.
  • Singularity’s EMP can be abused to short out lockers.
  • Inject plasma into a battery and insert it into a stun baton/prod. The next time someone attacks with the baton on it will blow up on them, seriously wounding both the holder and the stun target. Doing it with a high capacity battery or better will create a blast strong enough to turn the floor under the attacker to space, which will suck in the people caught in the blast and crit them before they can wake up. Use it as a suicide weapon or place it in the halls for some gullible fool to get himself killed with. The blast of a high or better will delete the stun baton too, leaving no scannable evidence. Prods won't delete though for whatever reason.
  • You can emag the light replacer, which causes all of the lights to be filled with plasma which will ignite if the light bulb's turned on.
  • There is a single power cable supplying the entire station with power. If you don't feel like spending crystals for a power sink and you don't get seen for a minute near engineering, you can disable the power grid so that only very competent engineers will spot your sabotage. Though this only works if the solars aren’t set up.
  • You can emag buttons to remove access from it.
  • Wall-mounted flashers and portable flashers can be disabled with wirecutters.
  • If you screwdriver a heater you can take out its really crappy battery or adjust the temperature it outputs. The highest setting, 90 C, will actually hurt people extremely slowly if they aren't wearing internals.
  • You can hack Suit Storage Units, change settings to make it mime fryer, stuff mime inside, turn on and get fried mime.
  • You can screwdriver Detectives revolver and load .357 in it, but you can get blown up by this revolver. ADDED: Remember to unload the thing while you're doing it, or you'll shoot yourself in a similar manner to sawing a loaded shotgun.
  • As a traitor engineer, you could easily do the following:
    • Go to a room, like a construction room, and find the APC's wire that shorts out the power.
    • Grab two signalers and adjust their frequencies.
    • Go to telecomms, in a hardsuit, and attach a signaler to the APC's power wire, which you found before. Close the APC and leave no traces.
    • You can now disable comms any time you want for a few minutes - and unless someone checks the APC and/or doesn’t look too closely or asks the AI, they will think it was an ionospheric anomaly. HONK.
  • A good way to manually disable tcomms temperately is to set the filtering frequency on the hub to some number like 0.1. It'll block everything and most engineers don't know how to fix it.
  • If you want tcomms down for good, disconnect the network links. There are -very- few engineers who can fix that, and it'll take over ten minutes if they're experienced with how tcomms works. It'll probably force a shuttle call.
  • Another thing that can break tcomms: changing network of the machinery. It also breaks all links. Especially if you change it from tcommsat to something like tcomms or tcommsats, which is not that obvious when you take a look at it without knowing what is the issue. And even if they relink everything again it won't work. And then even if they realize that the problem is with the network name, when they change it back, it will reset all the links again!
  • If you see a pAI with a great reputation who you like, and someone else has claimed it first, use an emag to unbind it.
  • The Telecomms NTSL Scripting can REALLY Add to a Traitor AI round, Kill off someone important, Pretend to be them, Someone is Saying "Rogue" and "Kill" and "Traitor" over the radio? Replace those words with "Apple" or "Crayon" Someone found your BLUE APC? Make it so they can't say Blue, or better yet change it so they say Green instead. TL;DR NTSL Scripts are AWESOME.
  • If someone is hacking a door and you want to keep them from following you, and you know all or most of the wires:
  1. Cut 1-3 useless wires (typically some combination of Door Control, ID Wire, Timing, Safety)
  2. Cut the bolt lights wire
  3. Cut the bolts wire
  4. Cut every other wire except the shock wire
  5. Cut the shock wire
This makes it incredibly obnoxious to follow you - if they don't know the wires and don't have insulated gloves, they're SOL because even the AI can't help them pursue.
  • Cutting the shock wire doesn't shock you, as far as I have been able to tell. Mending it, on the other hand....
  • If you want to test hacking doors without pissing off sec for breaking in somewhere and you have maint, you can make your own airlock with the aux tool storage thing and make it somewhere obscure.
  • Camera Bug:
    • The camera bug Syndicate item has four different modifications that you can apply to it using various items for each but it can only store one of them at a time, you'll need to screwdriver it to remove the modifying item. It doesn't matter what modification is installed when you bug a camera meaning you can switch out the modifying item for another one to access different features. While these were all described in the completed code thread for this item the information given was minimal and the listed items were only temporary and aren't accurate anymore.
    • The network mod which requires ANY kind of radio device (Yes, you can somehow fit an electropack inside), a remote signaler or a subspace transmitter basically turns it into a portable security camera console by connecting to the entire camera network with no need to actually bug any cameras. Note that it can only detect cameras that are on the SS13 network meaning constructed cameras using a different network name won't be picked up even if you've bugged them, you'll have to remove the network mod to see through a bugged camera that's using a different network. Also something to note is that while it detects cameras on other Z-levels with the SS13 network as existing it can only pick up camera signals from the Z-level you're in.
    • The sabotage mod (Igniter, infrared emitter or subspace amplifier) EMP's a bugged camera at the press of a button for each singular camera which obviously disables it for a short period of time and removes the bug. While one may think to simply bug the cameras in an area you intend to say murder people in and then disable them when the time comes the AI will immediately be notified of the disabled cameras and will know exactly where shit might be going down. A better cover would be to bug as many cameras as possible and then disable them all at once effectively blinding the AI of much of the station.
    • The advanced mod (Detective scanner, pAI or scanning module) allows you to track anybody that one of your bugged cameras detect although you'll need to manually follow them by switching to the next bugged camera that they're in view of. The tracking interface will automatically uPDAte every few seconds to tell you what if any bugged cameras detect them including if they leave your bugged camera coverage entirely and then return to it at any point. Note that you can only track people for as long as you keep the interface on the tracking menu, if you cancel tracking you can't resume it until they're detected again.
    • The universal mod (Atmos analyzer, plant analyzer or subspace analyzer) allows you to view through any cameras bugged by another camera bug as each of them have their own little network separate from one another. Basically if there's another traitor running around bugging cameras you can also see through them which is fairly worthless as camera bugs aren't exactly a popular choice.
    • Other little things about the camera bug include that each camera can only contain one bug, in order to remove a camera bug you simply use the camera bug on it again, bugging a camera leaves no traces of any sort at all and while you can't receive a signal from bugged cameras on other Z-levels you can still use modification features such as disable and detection with them.
  • Put bombs in the backpacks of brain-dead or catatonic people. ADDED: Advanced version: Get mouse traps, connect one with signaler with set frequency, then make a bomb with signaler on the same frequency. Put both in backpack. Wear it or leave it somewhere/on someone. ADDED: Wizard Mode: Take your 6 max cap bomb and build 6 voice analyzers from an autolathe. Set the trigger words to "Pete", "beat", "chick", "chicky", "boom". Find 6 station bound radios, and place each of them in a backpack with a corresponding bomb hidden about the station. Sing the song that ends the station.
  • The secret to hacking syndi bombs effectively is to remember that the only wire that doesn't do anything on pulse when the bomb isn't live is the boom wire (aka the one to attach a signaler to after you start the countdown for 4 hours then call attention to it).
  • You can wrench syndibombs to the ground so they can't be immediately picked up and spaced.
  • Deactivating cameras has them show up as (Deactivated) to anybody scrolling through cameras, but disassembling them completely removes them entirely from the list.
  • You can make "voice-bomb":attach Voice Analyzer with Remote Signalling Device and set frequency.
    • Make grenade,but dont use igniter+TIMER,use IGNITER+SIGNALLER and set for frequensy of your Voice+Signaller
    • Say your "special" word=BOOM!
    • SPECIAL:You can inject this bomb into your body with Voice+Signaller,in crit situation say "special" word and BOOM!
  • The BYOND ticks are longer than a second, so in Syndicate Bombs; the reason they take so long to detonate is you set them to "60 seconds" and it's actually "60 ticks" giving you 2.5 minutes instead of 1.
  • You can screwdriver air alarm panels open. There is a random wire that, when pulsed, will set all vents and scrubbers to panic syphon mode. You can even attach a signaller if atmos techs try to reset it. This is a surprisingly good way to get them arrested by security too.

File:Cult.png Cult

  • You can stack Blood Drain runes infinitely, but stacking more than two is a death sentence to yourself due to the debuff that is applied to you afterward, but instantly sending someone into crit with one click is fairly hilarious.
  • Cultists can know a rune's words by examining a blood rune.
  • Cultists often find a use for medical bots. Having a single bot with a low threshold, backed up with the odd bruise pack, can allow a tiny number of cultists to summon and arm a vast number of ghostly warriors to their aid. A single bot can juggle multiple people at once, if they are relatively close to each other.
  • You can copy a tome's notes by hitting it with your own tome.
  • Engineering staff during cult are top-priority converts, as they can sabotage telecomms for you.
  • Are you cult? Got talismans? You can store them on a clipboard, and nobody ever checks clipboards, especially if you're QM or another role that spawns with them. Use a hand labeler to keep track of which is which.
  • Now, are you CHEF cult? Set up an imbune talisman rune in the back room, bake your talismans into fortune cookies and hand them out to cultmates.
  • Drag paper bins onto you to pick them up. Dump all that shit out - Talisman storage!
  • I was exploring old cult code and found that if you use a see invisible rune then smack ghosts with your tome they become visible to everyone.
  • As cult, the Summon Cultist rune works across Z-levels. This includes the escape shuttle.
  • As cultist you can erase runes by clicking on them with your tome.

File:Generic wizard.png Wizard

  • While knocked down, you can still change your "facing" direction by clicking on a tile or at-tempting to move. This means you can aim fireball while knocked down.
  • Someone in the "Unconcious" state can be instantly Soul Sharded, regardless of health. Anyone under 50% HP can be KO'd by a briefcase with 100% reliability. See that assistant that burned himself to shit on the door? Briefcase bonk, shard.
  • If you use the scroll of teleportation, put it in your pocket and leave the teleportation win-dow open, when you select "Okay" on the window, you'll still teleport, even if it's not in your hands. You can also do this while stunned. So if your escapade as Gas-Mask Wizardtington the "Greyshirt" with a stolen ID ends up getting you tased, you can SCRYAR NILA INCINERATOR 3 times before they'll be able to cuff you, instead of throwing out a panic fireball and hoping he gets KO'd. This is far more useful to a robeless wizard than a robed wizard...as the robed one will likely just cast teleport/blink/jaunt if he ever gets stunned.
  • Suicide bombing is a very easy way to kill a wizard. Welderbombings can also knock the wizard out if he's not very good.
  • Removing a wizard's hat will often render him completely impotent, as very, VERY few wiz-ards carry spare hats in their backpack. Polyacid smoke grenades work well for stripping their hats.
  • You can label constructs, so please please please steal a hand labeler as a wizard so that your artificers actually know which juggernaut to heal.
  • The Staff of Animation can animate holographic objects. They retain their 'force' and do not disappear when they leave the holodeck/the holodeck is shut off. So you can load up the thunder dome simulation over and over for infinite E-sword buddies.
  • Wizard EMP shocks doors, so you should not better use doors as wizard, after you use EMP skill. Also the staff of animation is even more OP then veil render, just use it on knifes, hatchets and other items of big robustness. Combine this with EMPing security guys, which approach you and mutating in hulk, when you see guys with syringe guns (however, if chemist is not mainstream and deploys lexorin or unstable mutagen, you would get outrobusted) for greater effects.
  • The wizard's Knock spell opens bolted doors too.
  • The staff of change works on AIs.

File:Alien.png Xenomorph

  • Xenos can grab and throw Cyborgs. They can even throw dead cyborgs into doors to open them.
  • Aliens can get fat. This slows them down like every other crew member.
  • Alien queen projectiles are some OP thing which can’t get blocked by biosuits.
  • Guide to Winning:
    1. Go drone
    2. Go onto solars
    3. Plant 420 weeds
    4. Go queen
    5. Plant eggs everywhere
    6. Facehug monkies in xenobio/viro
    7. Protect those fuckers with your life
    8. Aquire hunters
    9. *deathgasp endlessly

File:Flamethrower.png Against Xenomorphs

  • Guide to Making Xenomorphs Lose:
    • Xenomorphs have "eye protection" but they don't have "eye protection", meaning you can't stab them in the eyes with a screwdriver, but you CAN use an eyedropper on them as a hypospray, meaning you can inject stun chems into them to stun-hand them just like they stun-hand you. There's three chemicals right now of value to use on xenomorphs, Beepsky Smash, Neurotoxin, and Chloral. Beepsky smash and Chloral require the chem dispenser, but Neurotoxin does not. Neurotoxin is also an INSTANT stun. All it takes is sleep toxin and a pan galactic gargle blaster, which can both be gotten from vending machines. Of the many types of cyborg, only one borg has access to vending machines. This borg also has access to a reagent container (shaker) and an eye dropper. The Service borg is the ONLY CYBORG CAPABLE OF STUNNING ALIUMS AND BEATING THEM TO DEATH, aside from Engiborgs cheating with welderbombs.
    • Disclaimer: You are ALWAYS at a disadvantage when fighting xenomorphs except when in a combat mech. If you're in a combat mech, shame on you. Furthermore, if the xenos TRULY know what they're doing, the only way you're going to win is badminnery or a combat mech.
    • Facehugger protection
    • Helmets that grant protection from facehuggers
      • Welding Helmet (mass produced by autolathes, but only protect while down and obscure vision) -They're everywhere around the station
      • Any space helmet (engineer rig helmet, Standard EVA helmet, Security Hardsuit helmet, etc) - No-body will give a shit if you steal these during a xeno breakout
      • Pumpkin Helmets (don't block vision, and can be created en masse by botany by using a knife/hatchet on a pumpkin) - Beg hydroponics
      • Bio Suit Helmets (don't block vision, but are limited in number.) - Take em from medical.
    • Stunning xenomorphs
      • There's two ways to stun xenos. Chems and Knockouts.
    • Chemicals that stun xenomorphs
      • Beepsky Smash
      • Neurotoxin
      • Chloral (shit tier, do not use unless you can't get bar access)
    • Delivery methods:
      • Syringe Gun
      • Hypospray
      • Smoke Grenades (neurotoxin smoke thrown into a hive can be quite effective.)
    • Explosives:
      • Welderbombs (best if done by an Engiborg)
      • Shit-tier Potas+Water grenades (dont even bother, use Neuro smoke instead)
      • Cuban Pete tier transfer valves (honk)
    • Killing xenomorphs
      • Xenos take double burn damage. This means lasers and welders are stupid effective on them. On the other hand, many of them travel at SANIC speeds and will seriously slap your shit, so don't pull out the welder unless you absolutely have to. If you don't kill a xeno, and he gets away, he won the fight, because he's just going to heal up back to full, while you have to dick around getting your laser recharged, or getting more chems. DON'T STOP KILLING EM TILL YOU HEAR THAT SCREAM.
    • Your weapons:
      • Welders (15x2)
      • Lasers (20x2)
      • Mo'Fuckin Laser Cannon (35x2) (the odds of you getting your hands on this are downright pathetic)
      • Revolvers (steal em from those faget taters)
      • Combat Shotguns (ALL HAIL CARGONIA, but I think you're better off just getting more lasers, but they work well)
      • Abuse your range. Don't stand still. And for fucks sake don't go in alone, unless you're damn sure you know the amount of xenos and know you can win.
    • HALK
      • If you're one of those dickwads in genetics that loves to ruin rounds, now's your time to actually be the hero the station deserves without ruining everything for everbody!
      • Grab a welder, grab a facehugger proof helmet, and COVER YOUR SKIN SO THEY DON'T KNOW YOU'RE A HULK. Otherwise those hunters are going to swap to harm intent and MURDER YOUR ASS. Your punches cannot stun xenos, but your punches do cause them to move incredibly slowly. Your call if it's worth it or not.
      • If you're a true "master" of genetics, you can simply abuse the DNA modifiers to mass produce hulks to get rid of the xeno-menace instead of relying on SE injectors.
    • Riot Shields
      • Actually do protect against xeno attacks. If you can grab one, do so.
    • Silicons
      • There's two borgs of any value in an xeno outbreak. If you're not one of these and you're not an Emagged Secborg, prepare to get shit on, and HARD.
      • Engineering Borg - Can welderbomb enemies, finish the probably stunned xeno off with the same welder they used for the detonation, and a team of two can repair eacother ad infinitum.*Service Borg - With his eyedropper and shaker, he can mix Neurotoxin and beat xenos to death with his tray, slowly, after stunning them.
    • Plasma fires
      • Plasma fires are for clearing out hives, not killing xenos. You will never kill a xeno with plasma fire unless they are mindbogglingly retarded. They will ALWAYS have an exit out into space somewhere. This is great for cutting off some of their facehugger supply, however.
    • Mechs

  • Sleep toxin is pretty robust against aliens
  • Bio suit robusts face huggers and acid spits (but not queen spit)
  • You can lock a sleeping/knocked out alien in a morgue tray and it can’t get out of it. honk.
  • Aliens don't just grow better in plasma, they actually slowly convert it to oxygen. Two things to take from this: 1. You can use a horde of xenos as an extremely high risk toxins scrubbing system. 2. Aliens in a pure plasma environment can still be ignited from their own breath!
  • Xenomorphs have no set interval limit on how many times they can use emotes, so they can *deathgasp and *roar spam all day long. ADDED: Okay, official new admin policy. Any xeno that emotes more than five times in the space of a minute or two can be gibbed at will. ADDED: If the admins present can reach the ban button through either laughing, or bleeding to death through their ears.
  • You can catch (have throw active with empty hand and be thrown at) alien facehuggers thrown at you by aliems w/o being hugged. You don't even have to be wearing protective headgear.
  • Apparently cardboard helmets block facehuggers.
  • If you are infected with a Xeno babby, and are welded into a locked, when the babby bursts it's also welded into the locker.
  • You can manufacture xeno babby antibodies. One round I had xenobabby antibodies for no reason and kept getting raped but nothing happened.
  • You can stun and cuff larvas. This will prevent them from evolving and you can pull them around to have them not escape. They can't even enter vents this way.

Changeling.gif Changeling

  • As a changeling, the absolute best item for you to get is a wallet (From the crew quarters, in either cabin's personal closet, in the leather satchel.) It goes in your ID slot and holds up to 4 ids, all of which work for automatic access and none of which change your mouse over identity.
  • Only take four or even three abilities at round start! Once you take an ability, it is locked in unless you husk someone. Husking someone is time-consuming, leaves obvious evidence, sort of dickish, and if anyone interrupts you then you're boned. If you leave a few slots open, though, you can easily adapt to whatever shit you find yourself in, and Changeling mode is about getting out of shit that you find yourself in. I usually go with Engorged Chemical Sacs, Cryo, Mute and whatever I feel like taking.
  • Get your debraining tools from the autolathe, not surgery. They're all craftable there, it's easier to get to, and Medbay doesn't complain. "Get" here probably means "steal" unless you're cargo.
  • Transformation Sting is robust. Not only does it confuse the fuck out of people and is silent, but it's easier to hide in a forest than on an open plain. Make 555 of the guy you are changing into for more genomes. Transform the guy you are husking/impersonating into someone else, so you're the only one. Transform a ling who is caught if the scene is chaotic enough that he might escape. The possibilities are endless. ADDED: Wear some generic clothes from arrivals or locker room. Then if somebody's chasing you, run out of their line of sigh, quickly transform and run backwards.
  • As a ling you are able to explore space, either staying as a regening corpse until you hit something or through a combination of fleshmend, engorged chem sacs, and a fire suit.
    • There is a spare saw for debraining on the comms satellite.
    • There are edible clown corpses on the clown shuttle.
    • You can of course find spaced people randomly, which is a great way to pick up an identity provided everyone doesn't know they were spaced.
    • Cryosting is only robust on people with insulation which makes it really effective in space, where they won't have a choice about staying dressed up in their suit.
  • Hive channel is free genome storage for identities.
  • Take Engorged Chemical Glands. Whatever powers you take (Particularly the stupidrobust Resonant Shriek, which makes everyone around you deaf and drunk, breaks lights, and flashes borgs) you will NEVER be hurt by choosing the power that lets you spam it nonstop.
  • Mimic voice and subverted AI, or mimic voice and digital camo go a LONG way in completely getting the crew against each other (ie: "one day, woody got wood").
  • Keep in mind that if you space yourself and let your corpse husk from the burn damage you'll still be a husk when you get back up. You can clear this effect by transforming to another form and back again. You could also buy voice changing and play a zombie.
  • DNA contains all the genetic disabilities/powers in addition to visual appearance, so if you want to be mean to people you could create a humanized monkey with all the disabilities, extract its DNA, then go around silently turning people into blind deaf convulsing gibbering heaps. It's the closest thing to a parasting we have now.
  • Blind sting + Lesser form = Freedom
    • Cryo Sting + Lesser form = Freedom
    • LSD Sting + Lesser form = Maybe freedom if it reaches the point of holodamage knockouts.

File:Wallradio.png Against Changelings

  • Kill a ling, drag a weldertank onto it, and then welder/shoot the tank with a laser. This gibs the ling.
  • As long as you can talk and you're within 1 tile of an intercom, you can type :i in front of what you say to say it over the intercom. Even when you're stunned and/or on the ground. This saved my life on more than one occasion, such as when a changeling tried to absorb me on a pod and the silence sting wore off before he killed me.
  • Actually the best way to counter lings to hang around in groups of three. The ling is an ambush predator and will only attack prey that is weak and isolated. ...Except if the lings are working in groups as well.
  • If you get cryostung as a Security Officer, remove your armor and helmet. REMOVE THEM. Or else you will die. Sec armor has somehow some heattampering properties, which means you won't heat up as much as you would normally be, and will consequently die of cold. Same goes if you are wearing an hardsuit/space protective gear/anything that could have thermal properties. If you get cryo'd, REMOVE THOSE THINGS ASAP.

File:Generic nukesyndie.png Nuclear Operatives

  • Saying *deathgasp will gib you if you're a nuke ops, so if you're stunned, and they're trying to strip you, be a pal and *deathgasp, that way the rest of your team (Who isn't awful) doesn't have to deal with the enemy having your shit. The explosion automatically gibs you and creates a small explosion where your body was. The gibbing deletes all items in your inventory.
  • Praying for Clown Mask as a nuke op is the best thing.
  • If the nuclear device is armed, you can examine the pinpointer and it will tell you how long before it explodes.
  • Set your ID to a crew member. Give it a legit job. Set your fucking ID to a fucking crew member's name and give it an actual job like Chemist or something. If you grab a name out of your intercept it makes it harder for the AI to track you.
  • The gloves you start with are already insulated.
  • Nuke Ops Syndicate uplink. Camera bug. Attach former to latter. You can now see EVERYTHING.
  • You can put all your nuke op equipment into your backpack. Even your hardsuit and jetpack.

File:Generic ninja.png Ninja

  • As space ninja you should go straight to R&D and print four super-capacity cells. Click one on your ninja suit for 200% power, then carry one and pocket the other two. Activate them in your hand to go back to full charge in a few seconds. Return to R&D when you need to recharge. Or if RnD is useless and you want immediate access to more power, stop by Tech Storage or Engineering and nab the High Capacity Power Cells. Increases your power to 150 from 100 and you can fill your backpack full of them.

File:Unknown.png Other

  • You can go AFK in a locker with internals and you won't die. The same goes for garbage disposals but that's considerably more risky.
  • Help intent: People run through you. Other intents: People bump into you.
  • Disposal units with stuff in them have a little blue light at the bottom, which is dark when the disposal unit is empty (disposal units can be toggled not to eject their stuff).
  • You can check how long a round has been going on for. Open a PDA and check the time, every round starts at 11:00; find the difference by taking 11 hours away from what the time currently says on the PDA. I.e.: 12:37 - 11:00 = 1:37 --> The round has been going on for an hour and thirty seven minutes.
  • Various objects can be hidden (glitched or badmind) underneath the floortiles, this works very well with soap and bombs.
  • You can throw people into windows to break them faster than you can smash them down with your emergency tank, and you can kick down grills faster than any other way of smashing them down.
  • You can actually change your in-game hairstyle (and facial hair) by clicking on a mirror (like in the dorm bathrooms). Incredibly useful to get your looks back after being cloned, and even to disguise yourself (because some disguises won't cover your hair, especially long hair).
  • Pete the goat will eat Space Vines instantly. In a similar vein, robust enough tools, such as fire axes, circular saws, and surgical drills, are just as effective as welders against the vines.
  • Apply a welder to solid plasma to turn it into plasma gas (not 100% sure).
  • You can wrench showers to make them either retardedly hot or retardedly cold. One time I used a cold shower to survive a raging plasma fire.
  • You can shoot Medibots with tasers to disable them briefly. Go figure.
  • You can tase fire alarms to drop the doors. Actually hitting them with anything activates them.
  • If you see a pAI with a great reputation who you like, and someone else has claimed it first, use an emag to unbind it.
  • You can click on a holopad to request the AI's presence.
  • Moving things with pulling:
  1. Pull something!
  2. Click the turf of an adjacent tile with your bare hand!
  3. Watch in amazement as the object moves to that tile!
  • Holo-eswords can deflect projectiles like a normal esword.
  • Using wirecutters or a kitchen knife on a book lets you hide stuff inside said book.
  • PDA Messenger serves as a handy ghetto crew manifest.
  • You need just 16 kPa of oxygen to survive. As long as whatever you're breathing contains that, you won't suffocate. This means you can put your emergency oxygen tank from default 21 kPa to 16 kPa, having 24% more time to breath your tank empty!
  • WGW readers can have their humanity disregarded by the AI and borgs under standard lawset, and this comes directly from SoS. They're not obligated to, but they can.
  • If you do a roleplay-heavy female character, expect ERP attempts. Best solution: File sexual harassment reports with security and one lawyer when the other lawyer is a creep (it is also a permabannable offense, so contact the admins and tell them what happened).
  • You can use the dresser located in dorm four to change your underwear. Upon further investigation you can use the dresser to change into the opposite sex's underwear.
  • Holding certain items, like a knife or C4, change what happens when you suicide. Crayons... how horrifying):
  • Your signature CANNOT be copied. (using the [sign] tag on a paper)
  • Your most powerful tool in Space Station 13 is communication. As any head role you can order about your underlings, a lot of the time they will actually do it, and a lot of the time you can trade goodies for them following your orders. As RD, if you want to get into tech storage but the HoP didn't give you access like the pansy he is, you can go hunt down tools yourself. Or you can order an assistant to do it (clown often works as well), and it's often done faster than you could have with no effort on your part. Two chemists can spend a round not once talking, but a "Hey dude, what's up?" or a "I like your hair, Alisen~" can gain you a valuable resource: a friend, the most important protection against changeling attacks. Detectives gain a surprising amount of information just by chatting with people like the bartender and the mime. You can often have food delivered to you via the disposals system with just a PDA, not once leaving your office. Speaking of orders, always give an order to a person, not the department. Ordering your department to do something is rarely carried out, ordering a person to do something is more often than not followed.(although still not followed that often).
  • If you use a Cup Ramen on a sink twice, it becomes warm.
  • If you confirm people are antags without them knowing and you have a free moment, adminhelp your intent to robust them to establish records of your knowing they're antag before they adminhelp you for dealing with them. That way, you won't have to explain yourself at a crucial moment.
  • The abandoned ship, abandoned satellite, and AI satellite teleporter room are all on one z-level. The DJ station, derelict, and crashed clown ship are all on another.
  • You can open containers like boxes and bags by standing next to them and drag and dropping their sprite onto your character's sprite.
  • You can use your ID/PDA to open doors with unscrewed panels.
  • You're more likely to get cleared for offenses by security if they feel like you're someone who's trustworthy and more likely to get close to the heads as well. I've had several occasions where I've found myself promoted to head positions just by taking the initiative to do seemingly mundane tasks that nobody gives a shit about like repairing minor damage from PDA bombings.
  • Sleeping heals you.
  • An amazing method of exploring space: Get your volunteer, then shotgun as many tracking beacons as you can protolathe into space with the mass driver. Give the explorer a hand tele; send him to the beacon where you want, then set it to home so he can loot stuff through tele to the teleporter room or bridge. ADDED: Easier way: Get exactly one tracking beacon. Put it by the mass driver. Get an explorer (or yourself) with EVA gear and a first-aid kit, play mass-drive roulette, teleport back, repeat. ADDED: Definitely cheaper. Maybe faster. Works solo. But the beacon shotgun allows you to select the structure you want to arrive at.
  • You can enable your suit sensors as long as you aren't in crit, i.e. when a changeling paras you.
  • Universal recorder's print transcript translates other species.
  • You can put a box of body bags in your bag. ADDED: You can drag a closed body bag to your character to pick it up.
  • Tracking beacons, used for the teleporter, can be used as station bounced radios if you use :l or :r for each hand.
  • Going to space? No jetpack? Drag a paper bin onto your character and put it in your bag for 30 easy access throwing papers.
  • Instruction books/sheets of paper can be opened and left open even if you get rid of the book/paper.
  • Dead mice are now considered items, so that means you can: Stuff one into a cake, implant it into someone you don't like, throw it as a projectile, beat Runtime to death with one.
  • You can teleport into the shuttle mid-travel using a beacon. This is incredibly useful for those meteor rounds.
  • Hydroponics, the Bartender and Cook have a common service radio channel with :v.
  • Use a coin on the tool vending machine in tool storage to get access to insulated gloves. Only 1 in stock so hurry. This is huge since gloves are one of the most important items on station.
  • Communication is the most important part of this game: Whether it's trying to manage your team as a Head or the Captain, conveying important information as the AI, or even dealing with accusations that you're a traitor malf cultist changeling nuclear cultist revolutionary monkey, saying the right thing can make all the difference. Especially let's talk about when someone calls you rogue. Whether it's true or not, remaining silent is the absolute worst thing you can do. If you speak up immediately, it changes things because lots of people will stop and pause and wonder who's right, whereas if the radio is only filled with yelling your way, people tend to take it as the truth and take you out. If you're an antag and you're not like running around with an esword or pumping plasma, or even if you are doing that shit, just keep denying, deflecting, accusing others, calling the other party the real traitor, etc. Obviously when you're like a suspected Ling, lying your ass off is a basic skill, but other antags could use it. Unless you're a nuke op or something, but even then, communicate with your team regularly. Shit, even a Wizard can benefit because if you convince them you're going a peaceful route you can really fuck some people up before you get called out as hostile.
  • Also yes - learning that you can lie (hell, you don't even have to lie to an AI) and get almost everything you need is game changing. I'm not sure if some of the playerbase is naive or just uncaring at this point.
  • You catch the lasers that mutate wizards shoot at you? The wizard is technically "throwing" them. You can also catch taser shots and bullets.
  • You can eat crayons to unleash your inner two year old.
  • You can lean on (hitting the resist command when welded in a locker) lockers to try to get out of them when dead.
  • Teleport is a great weapon.
  • Using a coil wire to a coin attaches a string to the coin, allowing it to be used multiple times on a vending machine, if you're lucky.
  • 4noraisins are, of the solid snack machine foods, the best food to eat. They contain 6 nutriment, whereas all others contain less than 5, and if they have less than 4, some sugar in them.
  • The ion rifle in Phillip, or in general, can EMP airlocks open by shooting at them. They are rechargeable as well.
  • An electrical toolbox has a 1% (maybe?) chance of holding insulated gloves. Always check. Tool Lockers (Auxilliary Tool Storage, but also Engineering) have a chance to spawn Toolbelts, Hazard Vests, and Insulated Gloves.
  • You can use alcoholic drinks to remove ink from papers and books.
  • If you're trapped in a disposal pipe, improvised explosives will allow you to break free without taking any damage. All the same, blowing one up while inside a locker will not damage you but will still damage everything around the locker. You can get a little revenge if some asshole welded you in and is dragging you around the station now!
  • Are you dizzy (moving randomly) and it is annoying the hell out of you? Just take a rest (lay down) and you'll quintuple the rate of which you recover!
  • If you're so full you can't eat by yourself anymore, someone else can forcefeed you more food.
  • When being attacked by a space carp / space bear, go to sleep and they'll think you've gone to crit and leave you alone!
  • You can release your chem implant into yourself by using *deathgasp.
  • You can weld yourself into a locker as well as escape a locker you're welded into by using a welder from the inside. You can also lock lockers from the inside.
  • Wearing a face concealing mask while copying your ass will cause your ass to appear as unknown in the photo.
  • You can stick a pAI into a PDA.
  • Some things about The Orion Trail:
    • Food is the number one killer; I've pretty much never won with all four settlers still alive. Going to the next stop (assuming nothing happens) eats up 2 food for every settler, and some events need you to 'wait', which is the same except for three stops; eating up 6 food for every settler. Losing a few settlers during 'accidents' increases your odds of winning substantially. Thankfully, waiting doesn't consume any fuel, but the 'go around' option for black holes does. The base consumption for fuel is 5 units for one stop. 'Slowing down' in an Interstellar Flux event eats up one extra stop of food and fuel, but doesn't carry the 75% chance of engine failure.
    • Going through the Asteroid Belt (second stop) has a high chance (70%) of causing a collision, which can kill a crewmember and lose you 5 to 15 food and fuel. Getting assaulted by raiders has the potential to lose you 1 to 10 food and fuel, with the odd addition that you can only lose a settler if no food/fuel was stolen. The Raiders do have a substantially increased chance to steal stuff as opposed to the collision.
    • The Black Hole is the third-to-last stop, and is a special case. Going around consumes 3 stops worth of food and fuel, but guarantees survival. Continuing carries a flat 75% chance of instantly dying, but doesn't consume anything if you appeased the RNG gods enough. Since there is still one stop after this, you can quickly determine if going around would be at all possible. Factoring in to this is the fact that the game checks for death before victory, so if you arrive at Orion with 0 food or fuel you still lose. At the Black Hole, you will therefore need at least 21 fuel, and (settlers * 8 + 1) food. Anything less than this and 'continue' is the only option with any chance of winning.
    • The breakdown/malfunction/collision events each can be used with their respective spare parts to continue at once, instead of having to wait three days. Due to the severe food consumption penalty for waiting, and the relatively minor chance of getting the same event twice, using the spare part is pretty much always the best option.
  • Examine personal closets and they tell you who owns them.
  • A laser pointer has the same optics disrupting effects of a flash. And stuns Borgs on use. Combine it with a fully upgraded pointer you can stop any rogue Borg before they get remotely close. It also EMPs cameras and flashes people even if they are wearing sunglasses.
  • Just about anything that can be made out of a protolathe/autolathe can be put into an autolathe and recycled into new materials. This includes broken objects such as blown light bulbs and spent shotgun rounds.
  • You can do that thing with Salt Shakers where you unscrew the lid so the next time someone uses it they get 100 units of salt in their food.
  • Apparently if you make a character with the last name "Burns" you start with 1 burn damage.
  • If your headset gets emp'd, interact with it in your hand and just turn the channels back on.
    • You can just drag headsets to your screen too to open them, like PDAs. EMPs keep you from interacting with your headset for about 15 seconds.
  • You can go through portals or use the teleport as a ghost.
  • If you're someone who doesn't normally have insulated gloves and don't want security to take them away, dye them by washing them in the washing machine with a color crayon.
  • The filing cabinet in the vault counts as a security console (and, as far as I could tell, it doesn't need ID).
  • Doorbell systems are fun.
  • If you are pulling someone/something clicking on a adjacent tile will move that object there. Useful for moving people and things into a good position.
  • Wirecutters get rid of spacevines in two-three hits.
  • The most useful question you can ask in SS13 is "How?" Try and learn something new every round; The ability to learn is one of the most robust things there is. As a corollary to the above, try not to make the same mistake twice. Most times you die (or lose) come back to one of two things; Either it's something you could've prevented with proper gear, skill, knowledge, or foresight, or it's something you couldn't have prevented - plain old fashioned bad luck. Minimize the former through learning, and accept the latter as inevitable and immutable.
  • People should know the origin of the lobby title theme.
  • If somehow you are turned into a corgi, and you find your self next to a snack from a vending machine, you can click on it and eat it. But the fun part is once you have finished eating said snack, the packaging disappears as well. So corgis are the K9 version on the janitor! (Not sure if Ian will do the same as I haven't tested it with him)