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Outside/Supply Area
A whole new world~
Obvious exits Mining Shuttle
Purpose Mining, Looting.
Access level Lavaland
Noteworthy contents Monsters, loot, other monsters, and a Necropolis.
Clearance Captain, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, and Shaft Miner
Security level None
Style Derelict Satellite
Balance Requirements Early in Development
Other Notes Mentioned above, not finished. Expect changes and reworks.
Jobstemp.png Locations on /tg/station

"Hey, this isn't the asteroid!"

Lavaland is the new primary workplace for Shaft Miners, not to be confused with another dangerous plasma rich area. After exhausting all the hostile wildlife minerals on the asteroid, Nanotrasen scoured space around the station for a new source for that sweet, sweet Plasma. Unluckily for you, they found a young planet almost completely covered in lava and a host of deadly creatures. By that, we mean there are literal real fucking dragons roaming around. Did we mention the ash storms? There are ash storms as well. Don't forget to grab a bluespace shelter capsule. You're definitely gonna want one of those. Welcome to Lavaland.

To learn more on lavaland, see Miner


Lavaland is full of natural hazards. Ash Storms are the most prominent hazard, these storms occur on a regular basis and will deal constant and heavy burn damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be exposed to the storm, fortunately you will get a warning moments prior to a ash storm's arrival, giving you time to seek shelter.

Lava presents itself as the next most common hazard, walking into lava will deal massive burn damage to you. Even worse, the wildlife are immune to lava and can wade freely into it. However lava is very obvious and thus easy to avoid.

The final threat are chasms, these are rare but extremely deadly and hard to spot. Walking into one will instantly kill you as you fall to your death! Watch your step.

Gases and Pressure

Lavaland has a random gas mix every round, requiring you to use internals. The pressure is low enough to give you a pressure warning HUD icon, but it's not low enough to deal actual pressure damage. The temperature is random as well but stays in levels safe for humans.

Sentient Life

Lavaland is surprisingly full of other sentient (read: playable) lifeforms, of varying hostility.

  • Ashwalkers: A tribe of hostile Native Americans Lizardmen that worship tendrils. Ashwalkers don't need to breathe but they can't use guns or wear shoes, so they use spears to try to fight off European colonization NT's miners.
  • Lifebringers: A group of podmen who live in a seed vault equipped with advanced hydroponics equipment. This seed vault is, unfortunately, very well lit, and Podmen involuntarily eat light. As a result, these guys often get really fat unless they are actively running around doing botany, in which case you might find healing here, or bioweapons.
  • Golems: A band of Golems who arrived by ship that live by their creed of doing whatever, because the original lavaland golem was told by his creator, "Yeah, go do whatever."
  • Stranded hermits: Individuals who arrived by escape pod and live in a makeshift shelter. If they're found and taken up to the station, they'll probably get robusted by security for being escape-pod-using fucking cowards.
  • Beach bums: Dudebros who chill in a beach biodome. They have their own bartender.
  • Lavaland Syndicate: Syndicate agents operating a comms base on lavaland. Their base is literally a fully functional station on lavaland - they have their own cargo bay, bar, armory, warehouse of T4 parts science department, medbay, chemistry lab, and even a goddamn virology lab. The kicker is, they can fuck with the station's telecomms, remotely saying shit over radio/PDA message FOR people, until they get found by miners and looked at from a distance because the station can't figure out how to get over the lava moat raided by sec.

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