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Grenades are made of three things: Chemicals, wire, an optional trigger, and a crunchy candy coating (usually made of metal). When you arm them, the trigger sits there, waiting patiently for an excuse to go off, until finally the grenade primes, the chemicals mix, and whatever happens, happens.

You can find a video tutorial here (made in March, 2020).


  1. Obtain a Grenade Casing (regular can be made from using metal in hand and can hold bottles, normal beakers (50u), large beakers (100u) and metamaterial beakers (180u)), one to two bottles or beakers full of your chemical payload(see below for ideas), and a cable coil File:CableCoils.png.
  2. Attach the cable coil File:CableCoils.png to the Grenade Casing.
    • After adding cable coil File:CableCoils.png, you can also add a trigger if you desire an optional way of triggering the grenade than just "activate+throw".
      1. Use your trigger in hand to adjust settings as desired (some of them will open a window). Some of them can also be alt-clicked to toggle certain options.
      2. Make sure the trigger is NOT in "can be attached" mode, or it won't work (toggleable with a screwdriver File:Screwdriver tool.png). This is counter-intuitive. The "can be attached" mode is only used to attach triggers together, but that's no longer used in grenade making.
      3. Use the trigger on the unsecured chemical grenade to open a "hacking" window. Click "attach" with the trigger in hand to attach it. Then close the hacking window.
  3. Insert the bottles or beakers with your desired chemicals (will be mixed when grenade is triggered) into the unsecured chemical grenade.
  4. Use screwdriver File:Screwdriver tool.png on the unsecured chemical grenade to finish the Grenade File:Grenade.png.
  5. If you only used cable coil File:CableCoils.png to craft the grenade, use a screwdriver File:Screwdriver tool.png on the finished grenade File:Grenade.png to toggle its timer between 3 and 5 seconds. Or use a multitool File:Multitool.png to choose any timer value between 3 and 5 seconds (or instant)<- bugged. This also works with some other triggers.

A Wrench can be used to extract the payload from an unsecured chemical grenade. If the Wrench is used on an empty unsecured chemical grenade the cable coil will be removed and leave it to be just a Grenade Casing.

For a list of possible chemical reactions, see the Guide to chemistry. Note that some reactions go off immediately when mixed, and must be separated into two bottles. Also note that slime cores are volatile, and when used in grenades, some reagents may be lost.

Obtaining the Materials

Large Grenade Casings

When using a Large Grenade Casing File:Large Grenade Casing.png, researchable at R&D, instead of a standard casing File:Grenade Casing.png, you will be able to put these things in it:

  1. Create a slime core grenade by substituting one of the bottles/beakers with a slime extract. Be sure you have another bottle with the necessary reagent in the same grenade, or the slime extract won't do anything!
  2. For the strongest grenades you will need to use Bluespace Beakers, which also only fit in Large Grenade Casings.

Grenade Casing
Large Grenade Casing
Advanced Release Grenade
Pyro Grenade
Cable Coil
Igniter (no longer used to make triggers)
Proximity Sensor
Remote Signaling Device
Voice Analyzer
Infrared Emitter (doesn't work in grenades)
Health Sensor
Slime Core

Legal Payload Ideas

  • Metal Foam:
    1. Bottle: 30u Iron/Aluminium
    2. Bottle: 10u Foaming Agent, 10u Fluorosulfuric Acid
  • Cleaner:
    1. Beaker: 40u Fluorosurfactant
    2. Beaker: 40u Water, 10u Space Cleaner
  • Tear Gas:
    1. Beaker: 25u Condensed Capsaicin, 25u Potassium
    2. Beaker: 25u Phosphorus, 25u Sugar
  • Plant Killer
    1. Beaker: 25u Sugar, 25u Plant-B-Gone
    2. Beaker: 25u Potassium, 25u Phosphorous
  • Smoke Grenade
    1. Bottle: 15u Sugar
    2. Bottle: 15u Potassium, 15u Phosphorous
      1. You could use beakers and larger portions instead, but making one with beakers without utilizing the extra room for funny business would be a waste of glass. You can also occasionally find pre-made smoke grenades around maintenance.

Illegal Payload Ideas

  • Knockout Smoke:
    1. Bottle: 10u Phosporous, 10u Potassium, 10u Chloral Hydrate
    2. Bottle: 10u Sugar, 20u Chloral Hydrate
  • Small Explosive:
    1. Bottle: 30u Potassium
    2. Bottle: 30u Water
  • Lethal Meth Grenade
    1. Beaker: 10u Phosphorous, 10u Potassium, 30u Meth
    2. Beaker: 10u Sugar, 40u Meth
      1. Tested on a chef in a confined space. Flailed around uncontrollably and quickly became retarded before dropping into crit. Died shortly after going into crit from an insane amount of toxin damage.
  • Fluorosulphuric Foam Grenade
    1. Beaker: 30u Fluorosurfactant, 20u Fluorosulfuric Acid
    2. Beaker: 30u Water, 20u Fluorosulfuric Acid
      1. Will deal damage. Victims will likely slip in the foam and fall down, causing even more damage.
  • Silent Murder
    1. Beaker: 15u Phosphorous, 15u Potassium, 20u Mute Toxin
    2. Beaker: 15u Sugar, 35u Cyanide
      1. Silences victims, then kills them very slowly with Cyanide. When used correctly, it is a possible tool for mass murder. For bonus points, use a voice analyzer so it kills the clown the next time he HONKs.


The grenade can work differently depending on the trigger used in its construction. You must always start with Cable. After you have added Cable, you can choose to also attach a trigger (see construction):

  • Cable only: Goes off after 5 seconds by default. Use screwdriver on the finished grenade to toggle between 3 and 5 seconds, or a multitool File:Multitool.png to choose any timer value between 3 and 5 seconds.
  • Timer: Goes off after a certain time has elapsed. You must set the timer before you attach it to the grenade (it's fine to keep it on "not timing"). Then using the finished grenade will make that timer start ticking instead of the normal 3 or 5 seconds.
  • Mousetrap: Is primed when its current container is opened. Activate mousetrap before attaching it to the grenade. Grenade primes like a normal grenade (3 or 5 seconds) if activated manually in hand when finished.
  • Proximity Sensor: Is primed when something moves within a chosen range (there is an arming period). Set it up before attaching. It should be set to "Not arming" before attaching it. Detection range 0 = the same tile as the grenade. Then using the finished grenade in hand will start the activation timer, which gives you time to place it.
  • Remote Signaling Device: Is primed when it receives the correct code via another Remote Signaling Device. Grenade primes like a normal grenade (3 or 5 seconds) if activated manually in hand.
  • Voice Analyzer: Is primed when the trigger phrase is said out loud, after a short delay (record phrase with voice analyzer beforehand). Grenade primes like a normal grenade (3 or 5 seconds) if activated manually in hand. Doesn't work from whispers.
  • Health Sensor: Is primed when the person carrying it is in crit or dead (alt-click the health sensor to toggle crit/death). Grenade primes like a normal grenade (3 or 5 seconds) if activated manually in hand.
  • Infrared Emitter: When activated, a laser beam (either invisible or red) will extend out in the direction the grenade is facing (it can be rotated by dragging it). Can't be used in grenades.

In the past you used to make custom trigger assemblies by attaching an igniter and trigger together, but this was changed in June 2019 to the above system.


Use a grenade in hand to activate it in case of a Cable trigger (and others). When the grenade is activated, throw it by clicking on the target. Live grenades will be thrown regardless of "throw" mode being enabled or not.

Other triggers than just Cable usually work as normal Cable grenades if using them in hand, but they can also be triggered as described in the triggers list.

When the grenade goes off, the chemical beakers/bottles inside will mix their contents and heat them by 10 Kelvin (or 500 Kelvin if you use a Pyro Grenade). If the mixture causes an effect (Smoke, an explosion, etc), it will happen at this time; otherwise, the resultant chemicals will be splashed on everything nearby. A grenade filled with Space Lube, for instance, will coat every nearby floor surface with slippery goop.


If you use Wirecutters on a Grenade, you will unsecure it, but this doesn't work on activated grenades. A Wrench can then be used to remove the payload to prevent anyone from rearming it.