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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in OOC issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

1. Don't be a dick to other users. That includes no harassing, doxing, callouts, and the likes. Try to keep conversation heat in public channels to a reasonable level, and take serious arguments to private messages.

2. Don't use slurs, or offending terms.

3. Don't use channels outside of their intended purpose.

4. Don't abuse pings.

5. Don't try to find loopholes and abuse edge cases to break or come close to breaking the rules. Repeatedly toeing the line will be considered as breaking a rule.

6. Any NSFW content must be clearly labeled, as well as spoilered or nested in < > to prevent the automatic embed, pornographic content is not allowed.

7. Don't discuss current news events or politics.