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Bounties are one of the primary ways for the Supply Department to make money. They involve a list of things CentCom wants and how much they'll give for it, sending them to CentCom, and actually redeeming the cargo points.

How to do Bounties

You can view bounties at a Bounty Console. These are located in the Cargo Bay and Quartermaster's Office. The console has the option to print out a list of bounties, which is a good idea to do at round start. You can take these printouts and tape them to every single airlock the door to each department. Make sure people who are the only ones who can do certain bounties, such as the Virologist, know what you need from them, either over comms or through a PDA message. You could also use the Mailroom to send everyone bounty papers.

Once you get the item for a bounty, put it on the Supply Shuttle and send it down. The Supply Console should indicate that CentCom has received the items. After verifying this, you can then return to the Bounty Console and press "Redeem" next to the completed bounty, and the money will be added to the Cargo Budget.

List of Possible Bounties

Bounties are secretly divided into 13 different categories, so that cargo doesn't have to bug the Virologist for 18 different viruses during a single shift.


Bounty Description Payout
Strange Object Nanotrasen has taken an interest in strange objects. Find one in maint, and ship it off to CentCom right away. 1200 Credits
Scooter Nanotrasen has determined walking to be wasteful. Ship a scooter to CentCom to speed operations up. 1080 Credits
Skateboard Nanotrasen has determined walking to be wasteful. Ship a skateboard to CentCom to speed operations up. 900 Credits
Stunprod CentCom demands a stunprod to use against dissidents. Craft one, then ship it. 1300 Credits
Soap x3 Soap has gone missing from CentCom's bathrooms and nobody knows who took it. Replace it and be the hero CentCom needs. 2000 Credits
Spears x5 CentCom's security forces are going through budget cuts. You will be paid if you ship a set of spears. 2000 Credits
Toolboxes x6 There's an absence of robustness at Central Command. Hurry up and ship some toolboxes as a solution. 2000 Credits
Statue Central Command would like to commision an artsy statue for the lobby. Ship one out, when possible. 2000 Credits
Clown Box The universe needs laughter. Stamp cardboard with a clown stamp and ship it out. 1500 Credits
Cheesie Honkers x3 Apparently the company that makes Cheesie Honkers is going out of business soon. CentCom wants to stock up before it happens! 1200 Credits
Baseball Bat x5 Baseball fever is going on at CentCom! Be a dear and ship them some baseball bats, so that management can live out their childhood dream. 2000 Credits
Extendo-Hand Commander Betsy is getting old, and can't bend over to get the telescreen remote anymore. Management has requested an extendo-hand to help her out. 2500 Credits
Donuts x10 CentCom's security forces are facing heavy losses against the Syndicate. Ship donuts to raise morale. 3000 Credits
Donk-Pockets x10 Consumer safety recall: Warning. Donk-Pockets manufactured in the past year contain hazardous lizard biomatter. Return units to CentCom immediately. 3000 Credits
Briefcase x5 Central Command will be holding a business convention this year. Ship a few briefcases in support. 2500 Credits
Sunglasses x2 A famous blues duo is passing through the sector, but they've lost their shades and they can't perform. Ship new sunglasses to CentCom to rectify this. 3000 Credits
Monkey Hide One of the scientists at CentCom is interested in testing products on monkey skin. Your mission is to acquire monkey's hide and ship it. 1500 Credits
Shards x15 A killer clown has been stalking CentCom, and staff have been unable to catch her because she's not wearing shoes. Please ship some shards so that a booby trap can be constructed. 1500 Credits
Comfy Chairs x5 Commander Pat is unhappy with his chair. He claims it hurts his back. Ship some alternatives out to humor him. 1500 Credits
Geraniums x3 Commander Zot has the hots for Commander Zena. Send a shipment of geraniums - her favorite flower - and he'll happily reward you. 4000 Credits
Poppies x3 Commander Zot really wants to sweep Security Officer Olivia off her feet. Send a shipment of Poppies - her favorite flower - and he'll happily reward you. 1000 Credits
Shady Jim's There's an irate officer at CentCom demanding that he receive a box of Shady Jim's cigarettes. Please ship one. He's starting to make threats. 500 Credits
Potted Plants x8 Central Command is looking to commission a new BirdBoat-class station. You've been ordered to supply the potted plants. 2000 Credits
Earmuffs Central Command is getting tired of your station's messages. They've ordered that you ship some earmuffs to lessen the annoyance. 1000 Credits
Handcuffs x5 A large influx of escaped convicts have arrived at Central Command. Now is the perfect time to ship out spare handcuffs (or restraints). 1000 Credits
Monkey Cubes x3 Due to a recent genetics accident, Central Command is in serious need of monkeys. Your mission is to ship monkey cubes. 2000 Credits
Chainsaw The chef at CentCom is having trouble butchering her animals. She requests one chainsaw, please. 2500 Credits
IED x3 Nanotrasen's maximum security prison at CentCom is undergoing personnel training. Ship a handful of IEDs to serve as a training tools. 2000 Credits
Lit Bonfire Space heaters are malfunctioning and the cargo crew of Central Command is starting to feel cold. Ship a lit bonfire to warm them up. 5000 Credits
Raw Corgi Meat The Syndicate recently stole all of CentCom's Corgi meat. Ship out a replacement immediately. 3000 Credits
Corgi Hides x12 Admiral Weinstein's space yacht needs new upholstery. A dozen Corgi furs should do just fine. 3000 Credits
Action Figures x5 The vice president's son saw an ad for action figures on the telescreen and now he won't shut up about them. Ship some to ease his complaints. 4000 Credits
Nine Tails whip Commander Jackson is looking for a fine addition to her exotic weapons collection. She will reward you handsomely for either a Cat or Liz o' Nine Tails. 4000 Credits
Dead Mice x5 Station 14 ran out of freeze-dried mice. Ship some fresh ones so their janitor doesn't go on strike. 5000 Credits
Paper Bins x5 Our accounting division is all out of paper. We need a new shipment immediately. 2500 Credits
Crayons x24 Dr Jones' kid ate all our crayons again. Please send us yours. 2000 Credits
Pens x10 We are hosting the intergalactic pen balancing competition. We need you to send us some standardized ball point pens. 2000 Credits


"Central Command's head chef is looking to prepare a fine [Food] with [Plant]."

All of these have a base payout of 5000 credits, but some have an additional multiplier x 1000 added on for rarer plants. CentCom always asks for 5-10 of a plant.

5000 Credits

  • Ambrosia Vulgaris Leaves
  • Banana
  • Wheat Grains
  • Rice Grains
  • Chili Peppers
  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Eggplants
  • Watermelons
  • Glowshrooms
  • Pineapples
  • Tomatoes

7000 Credits

  • Bluespace Bananas
  • Koi Beans
  • Death Berries
  • Glow-Berries
  • Ice Chili Peppers
  • Ghost Chili Peppers
  • Egg-Plants
  • Holy Melons
  • Glowcaps
  • Shadowshrooms
  • Death Nettles
  • Oats

9000 Credits

  • Ambrosia Gaia Leaves
  • Golden Apple
  • Cannabis Leaves
  • Kudzu Pods
  • Bluespace Tomatoes

11000 Credits

  • Lifeweed Leaves
  • Deathweed Leaves
  • Omega Weed Leaves


Bounty Description Payout
Birthday Cake Nanotrasen's birthday is coming up! Ship them a birthday cake to celebrate! 4000 Credits
Soup x3 To quell the homeless uprising, Nanotrasen will be serving soup to all underpaid workers. Ship any type of soup. 3000 Credits
Popcorn Bags x3 Upper management wants to host a movie night. Ship bags of popcorn for the occasion. 3000 Credits
Onion Ringsx3 Nanotrasen is remembering Saturn day. Ship onion rings to show the station's support. 3000 Credits
Ice Cream Sandwiches x3 Upper management has been screaming non-stop for ice cream. Please send some. 4000 Credits
Bread Problems with central planning have led to bread prices skyrocketing. Ship some bread to ease tensions. 1000 Credits
Pie 3.14159? No! CentCom management wants edible pie! Ship a whole one. 3142 Credits
Salad or Rice Bowls x3 CentCom management is going on a health binge. Your order is to ship salad or rice bowls. 3000 Credits
Carrot Fries x3 Night sight can mean life or death! A shipment of carrot fries is the order. 3500 Credits
Super Bite Burger Commander Tubbs thinks he can set a competitive eating world record. All he needs is a super bite burger shipped to him. 1200 Credits
Poppy Pretzel Central Command needs a reason to fire their HR head. Send over a poppy pretzel to force a failed drug test. 3000 Credits
Cuban Carp To celebrate the birth of Castro XXVII, ship one cuban carp to CentCom. 8000 Credits
Hot Dog Nanotrasen is conducting taste tests to determine the best hot dog recipe. Ship your station's version to participate. 8000 Credits
Eggplant Parmigianas x3 A famous singer will be arriving at CentCom, and their contract demands that they only be served Eggplant Parmigiana. Ship some, please! 3500 Credits
Muffins x3 The Muffin Man is visiting CentCom, but he's forgotten his muffins! Your order is to rectify this. 3000 Credits
Chawanmushi Nanotrasen wants to improve relations with its sister company, Japanotrasen. Ship Chawanmushi immediately. 8000 Credits
Kebabs x3 Remove all kebab from station you are best food. Ship to CentCom to remove from the premises. 3500 Credits
Soylent Green CentCom has heard wonderful things about the product 'Soylent Green', and would love to try some. If you endulge them, expect a pleasant bonus. 5000 Credits
Pancakes x13 Here at Nanotrasen we consider employees to be family. And you know what families love? Pancakes. Ship a baker's dozen. 5000 Credits
Chicken Nuggets x6 The vice president's son won't shut up about chicken nuggies. Would you mind shipping some? 4000 Credits


The bounties for engineering require either a "full" (at least 20 moles) tank of gas, or a contained tesla ball.

Bounty Description Payout
Full Tank of Pluoxium CentCom RnD is researching extra compact internals. Ship us a tank full of Pluoxium and you'll be compensated. 7500 Credits
Full tank of Nitryl The non-human staff of Station 88 has been volunteered to test performance enhancing drugs. Ship them a tank full of Nitryl so they can get started. 7500 Credits
Full Tank of Freon The Supermatter of station 33 has started the delamination process. Deliver a tank of Freon gas to help them stop it! 7500 Credits
Full Tank of Tritium Station 49 is looking to kickstart their research program. Ship them a tank full of Tritium. 7500 Credits
Full Tank of Hydrogen Our R&D department is working on the development of more efficient electrical batteries using hydrogen as a catalyst. Ship us a tank full of it. 7500 Credits
Contained Tesla Ball Station 24 is being overrun by hordes of angry Mothpeople. They are requesting the ultimate bug zapper. 75000 Credits

Note that while the contained tesla ball pays 75,000 credits, it costs 14,000 credits to actually build. Still a heap of cash in the end, though.


"Upper management has requested one [Type] mech be sent as soon as possible. Ship it to receive a large payment."

  • APLU MK-II "Ripley" - 13,000 Credits
  • APLU "Firefighter" - 18,000 Credits
  • Odysseus - 11,000 Credits
  • Gygax - 28,000 Credits
  • Durand - 20,000 Credits


All of these require surgery to be done, hopefully on dead bodies. Unless it's an appendix, those can come from living people.

Bounty Description Payout
Heart Commander Johnson is in critical condition after suffering yet another heart attack. Doctors say he needs a new heart fast. Ship one, pronto! 3000 Credits
Lungs x3 A recent explosion at Central Command has left multiple staff with punctured lungs. Ship spare lungs to be rewarded. 1000 Credits
Appendix Chef Gibb of Central Command wants to prepare a meal using a very special delicacy: an appendix. If you ship one, he'll pay. 5000 Credits
Ears x3 Multiple staff at Station 12 have been left deaf due to unauthorized clowning. Ship them new ears. 1000 Credits
Livers x3 Multiple high-ranking CentCom diplomats have been hospitalized with liver failure after a recent meeting with Third Soviet Union ambassadors. Help us out, will you? 1000 Credits
Organic Eyes x3 Station 5's Research Director Willem is requesting a few pairs of non-robotic eyes. Don't ask questions, just ship them. 1000 Credits
Tongues x3 A recent attack by Mime extremists has left staff at Station 23 speechless. Ship some spare tongues. 1000 Credits
Lizard Tail The Wizard Federation has made off with Nanotrasen's supply of lizard tails. While CentCom is dealing with the wizards, can the station spare a tail of their own? 3000 Credits
Cat Tail Central Command has run out of heavy duty pipe cleaners. Can you ship over a cat tail to help us out? 3000 Credits


Bounty Description Payout
Lava-Cooked Goliath Steaks x3 Admiral Pavlov has gone on hunger strike ever since the canteen started serving only monkey and monkey byproducts. She is demanding lava-cooked Goliath steaks. 5000 Credits
Goliath Hide Boat Commander Menkov wants to participate in the annual Lavaland Regatta. He is asking your shipwrights to build the swiftest boat known to man. 1000 Credits
Bone Oars x2 Commander Menkov requires oars to participate in the annual Lavaland Regatta. Ship a pair over. 4000 Credits
Bone Axe Station 12 has had their fire axes stolen by marauding clowns. Ship them a bone axe as a replacement. 7500 Credits
Bone Armor Station 14 has volunteered their lizard crew for ballistic armor testing. Ship over some bone armor. 5000 Credits
Skull Helmet Station 42's Head of Security has her birthday tomorrow! We want to suprise her with a fashionable skull helmet. 4000 Credits
Bone Talismans x3 Station 14's Research Director claims that pagan bone talismans protect their wearer. Ship them a few so they can start testing. 7500 Credits
Bone Daggers x3 Central Command's canteen is undergoing budget cuts. Ship over some bone daggers so our Chef can keep working. 5000 Credits
Mushroom Bowl Lieutenant Jeb dropped his favorite mushroom bowl. Cheer him up by shipping a new one, will you? 7500 Credits
Mushroom Caps x3 Our botanist claims that he can distill tasty liquor from absolutely any plant. Let's see what he'll do with Inocybe mushroom caps. 4500 Credits
Mushroom Leaves x3 Porcini mushroom leaves are rumored to have healing properties. Our researchers want to put that claim to the test. 4500 Credits


This encompasses both Reagents from Chemists and Drinks from the Bartender. This category is split into "Simple" and "Complex" drinks and chemicals.

Simple Drinks pay from 1500 to 2500 credits. "CentCom is thirsty! Send a shipment of [name] to CentCom to quench the company's thirst."

Complex Drinks pay from 4000 to 6000 credits. "CentCom is offering a reward for talented mixologists. Ship a container of [name] to claim the prize."

Simple Chemicals pay from 4000 to 6000 credits, and require at least 30u of the chemical. "CentCom is in desperate need of the chemical [name]. Ship a container of it to be rewarded."

Rare Chemicals pay from 6000 to 9750 credits, and require at least 20u of the chemical. CentCom is paying premium for the chemical [name]. Ship a container of it to be rewarded.


Bounty Description Payout
Bag of Holding Nanotrasen would make good use of high-capacity backpacks. If you have any, please ship them. 1000 Credits
Trash Bag of Holding Nanotrasen would make good use of high-capacity trash bags. If you have any, please ship them. 1000 Credits
Bluespace Syringe Nanotrasen would make good use of high-capacity syringes. If you have any, please ship them. 1000 Credits
Bluespace Body Bag Nanotrasen would make good use of high-capacity body bags. If you have any, please ship them. 1000 Credits
Night Vision Goggles An electrical storm has busted all the lights at CentCom. While management is waiting for replacements, perhaps some night vision goggles can be shipped? 1000 Credits
Experimental Welding Tool x3 A recent accident has left most of CentCom's welding tools exploded. Ship replacements to be rewarded. 1000 Credits
Cryostasis Beaker Chemists at Central Command have discovered a new chemical that can only be held in cryostasis beakers. The only problem is they don't have any! Rectify this to receive payment. 1000 Credits
Diamond Mining Drill Central Command is willing to pay three months salary in exchange for one diamond mining drill. 1500 Credits
Floor Buffer Upgrade One of CentCom's janitors made a small fortune betting on carp races. Now they'd like to commission an upgrade to their floor buffer. 1000 Credits
Advanced Mop Excuse me. I'd like to request $17 for a push broom rebristling. Either that, or an advanced mop. 1000 Credits
Advanced Energy Gun With the price of rechargers on the rise, upper management is interested in purchasing guns that are self-powered. If you ship one, they'll pay. 1000 Credits


Bounty Description Payout
Riot Shotguns x2 Hooligans have boarded CentCom! Ship riot shotguns quick, or things are going to get dirty. 5000 Credits
Rechargers x3 Nanotrasen military academy is conducting marksmanship exercises. They request that rechargers be shipped. 2000 Credits


"Nanotrasen's science lead is hunting for the rare and exotic [blank] Slime Extract. A bounty has been offered for finding it."

The Xenobiology bounties are always a random payout from 3000 to 5000 Credits.

  • Green Slime Extract
  • Pink Slime Extract
  • Gold Slime Extract
  • Oil Slime Extract
  • Black Slime Extract
  • Light Pink Slime Extract
  • Adamantine Slime Extract
  • Rainbow Slime Extract


Unlike the other categories, all of these items appear on the bounty console every round.

Bounty Description Payout
Alien Organs x3 Nanotrasen is interested in studying Xenomorph biology. Ship a set of organs to be thoroughly compensated. 2500 Credits
Syndicate Documents Intel regarding the syndicate is highly prized at CentCom. If you find syndicate documents, ship them. You could save lives. 1500 Credits
Adamantine x10 Nanotrasen's anomalous materials division is in desparate need for Adamantine. Send them a large shipment and we'll make it worth your while. 3500 Credits
Trash x10 Recently a group of janitors have run out of trash to clean up, without any trash Centcom wants to fire them to cut costs. Send a shipment of trash to keep them employed, and they'll give you a small compensation. 1000 Credits
More Bounties Complete enough bounties and CentCom will issue new ones! More Bounties


Virus bounties always ask for a virus with a certain stat. They pay anywhere from 5000 to 7000 credits. They will always ask for Resistance, Stage Speed, Stealth, or Transmissible to be from 4 to 11 or -4 to -11.


  • If someone in cargo knows how to make a contained tesla ball properly, it's much easier to let them do it instead of trying to grab the attention of anybody in the engineering department. Tesla fun removed in Aug 2020
  • People will be more willing to do bounties if you let them know there'll actually be something in it for them (and actually follow up when they ask for something from cargo).